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TalkingStickTV - John Perkins - The Secret History of the American Empire

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Interview with John Perkins author of "The Hidden History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption"
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paloma Savaengcharoen (6 years ago)
Let's be all Empires and STRIKE back for a huge CHANGE!
they all come clean after retirement
alancraigthom (7 years ago)
@hjarche They are pretty sure they are untouchable, and that the 99% is too complacent, disorganized, etc to do anything.
prephylve (7 years ago)
@2fatbunnys Stop listening to Alex Jones.
2fatbunnys (7 years ago)
The Corportocracy ? The NEW WORLD ORDER ? The UN ? And NATO? Where does it stop ? Libya had one of the highest standards of living NO debt and Canada on behalf of NATO sent in F-18's to "protect" Libyan citizens Who's next ? and just who are the real TERRORISTS !
lifted156 (7 years ago)
he says renee couldn't be compromised and then renee takes 3 million dollars to release prisoner....hahaha. gee, who would've thought that money could have been what compromised him??
MackP (7 years ago)
"We must understand that the homeland is the entire planet" - very powerful statement. And so true. So many people in the US need to hear it.
NoCigar1991 (7 years ago)
@Red99man. This country ruined it's own reputation. Before this it was the land grab that happened at the time of the Spanish American War (where America probably sank it's own ship and blamed others). And before that it was taking land from the Spanish, and from the Native Americans before that. This nation was raised from blood, and it's still bleeding it's people everyday. The banks and investment firms siphoning money from the economy and the people and putting it in their own pockets.
bj0rn (7 years ago)
@BNotAffraid You said it yourself: "not _all_ about big profit". He's not talking about communism. He's talking about corporations start thinking longterm and take some kind of social responsiblity. In order to create a sustainable future they need to stop being dependant of the exploitation of less developed countries.
bluehazer (7 years ago)
@ddsharper Reality - oft - has that effect on the thinking mind.
vahe stepanian (7 years ago)
A classless, moneyless,STATELESS communities of humanity sharing the EARTH in cooperation for our common needs and well being . This world social harmony within and without can only come about through a democratic majority movement of NO LEADERS AND NO FOLLOWERS only consciousness of our common interest can shatter the false limits, the structrual exploitation and dehumanisation of minority class rule. Monetary serfdom of humanity is evil
bluehazer (7 years ago)
@whistlersmother1 And it's coming to an end, too. Centralized banking and the manufacture of "debt money" has now reached that point where the curve now goes pure vertical. None of it can be repaid, and as such, the economy worldwide is dead-in-the-water.
rmcdaniel423 (7 years ago)
When you "thumbs up" an inflammatory generalization, you encourage hatred and discourage change for the better. There are millions here in the U.S. who are vehemently opposed to the crap that our govt is doing, and opposed to the particular corporations and special interests that support it. We're not all bad. There are MANY good companies, MANY good organizations, and MANY good people. I urge you to be discerning and productive with your power to push comments up to the top for all to see.
Nico Montinola (7 years ago)
@boskilove Thats only about 2000 miles in <100 years? nothing compared from...1854 to 1898, less than 50 years it expanded more than 8000 miles to South East Asia. Many Americans don't even know US military occupation of the Philippines for more than 50 years, developing military tactics used in modern wars like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Just look at the history of the USMC - that is the story of US Empire
jqau miller (7 years ago)
Anyone can see that the Republicans and the Democrats don't have our best interest in mind, but we're supposed to stop using spray cans to stop the super rich from creating chaos around the world? Give me a break.
Bpjames (8 years ago)
I appreciate the insight into the geopolitical machine, but he lost me when he stated that corporations need to be good citizens, not all about big profit. Well, big corps can't take care of their people without all that "evil" profit that liberals tend to hate. I too hate that there are poor, needy and hungry people in the world, but I lean more towards self sufficiency and charity than communism. There's corruption in every mode of government, pick your poison.
Laro (8 years ago)
@procommenter ... That will happen soon. Penicillin can't cure the new bacterias created by man. A lot of people will die. If we come down to half the population, it will be possible to survive.
Procommenter (8 years ago)
"In order to stabilize world population, it is necessary to eliminate 350,000 people a day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it." — Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, as quoted in "The Courier," a publication of the U.N. Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (U.N.E.S.C.O.)
Shrunkenhead61 (8 years ago)
I knew it was WW2 affected everything. Around 1945, everyone who is speaking out right now has referenced it or around 1950's. I want to know what happened to our structure within after WW2. Hitler lost the war but fascism won. Nike shoes and smiley shirts. That's what George Carlin was referencing too. 1939 - 1980's have to understand that now.
Alan Scott (8 years ago)
It is amazing to hear this description of the corporatocracy that is running the whole world through corporate conquest of nations ! Also amazing how John Perkins could go from one complete extreme example of darkness and corruption, to now , where he is a messenger of peace and well being throughout the world ! But did he actually say that , as he opposed Chavez's politics and felt greatful that he has the freedom to "vote for president" in this country ? Are you kidding !
Leroy Jonathan (8 years ago)
if this guy did what he says he did, why have the higher powers (authorities) not gotten rid of him for giving away such sensetive infomation? people should learn to think!!!!!!!!
awotnot (8 years ago)
you get rid of empires - not by talking about empire - you invoke the bill rights adopted 1688-9 in UK and 1788-9 in USA - both under Magna Carta principles
Vladimir (8 years ago)
a couple of days ago i did not know of the term EHM i just tried to formulate what sort of democracy we experience. and the definition was born - the imperialistic democracy. then i googled for it and found that over a 100 years ago one of american senators had already used this definition when usa occupied philippines. well done. i finally found you. you too know what is going on with this planet and i am not alone any more. now you too can think by yourself why f.i. gasoline is no longer cheap
vahe stepanian (8 years ago)
A moneyless,classless,stateless communities of humanity expressing our freedom in creative harmonious cooperation for a world that is so POTENTIALLY AND ACTUALLY nourishing. Capitalism in any form, Statist or Corporatist is the denial of our common humanity in a politically manipulated,tyrannical armed MARKET SYSYTEM of artificial scarcity that is designed to perpetuate the enslavement of immense humanity for material interest of the criminal ruling elite
maria610421 (8 years ago)
All the people in America is brainwashed, they see the same players in Politricks, and think they live in a democracy & freedom & Liberty. Look at Hillary Clinton, why is she secretary of State, because her husband was once president. The same players hood winking everybody. Hillary's Job to sell the lie about Irans Nuclear program, the only reason for the lie simply because the Corporations want a foot hold in that Country, to turn a successful country into an impovorished one.
Ze Silva Carneiro (8 years ago)
very wise men.
debgbls323 (8 years ago)
I don't know that the general population is smart enough nor sophisticated enough to understand this. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..." which we were being warned about in "The Wizard of OZ". In Eisenhowers farewell address he warned of these things....
Lisa k (8 years ago)
@asas2jh buy from small mom and pop stores. go to (eatwild.com) type csa (community supported agriculture) and find family farms and buy food from them. unplug things in your home when not in use. turn things off. be very conservative on gasoline. walk or ride bike more. buy from farmers markets. go see family owned mechanics. ,,,florists.... etc.. etc.. the more family businesses we help, the more we help ourselves and the more families will be able to start and make a living on their own.
screw youtube (8 years ago)
Thank you for sharing. Perkins accurately portrays the injustice that was manufactured in the USA in the corporate structure that was given its dangerous status of person in 1886 and exported across the planet. Anarchist values need to be seen where all people have a common interest against all hierarchies, such as those just discussed.
ladybugsingstheblues (8 years ago)
@asas2jh Stop buying their products!
asas2jh (8 years ago)
He does not offer a solution. How the hell does one take on such large corporations?
Christopher Cruz (8 years ago)
kudos to Mr. Perkin keep spreading the truths
mokubc1 (8 years ago)
Yes it's good that he's recounting all his past sins....but bottom line is that's bs. It's like Clinton saying he shouldn't have ok'ed the cancelling of Glass-Steagal Act. Too late to say you're sorry. Perkins voluntarily participated and took large amounts of money for sabotaging other nation's economies. That is wrong, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know better. If there's an accounting at the end of the road then he'll come back as a baby seal in hunting season.
Metamorphosis33 (8 years ago)
@carnivourlocust REALLy...did you get your history from the game Assasins Creed?
carnivourlocust (8 years ago)
Back in time ... Assassins used to purge Templars which today reside under the name of Illuminati --> today Assassins work for Templars ---> perhaps i am wrong and the real Assassins are in hide! However Templars still exist today and if you take it for real or not :/ :)
Eve Campbell (8 years ago)
@geenius3ab History has taught us that people need to be in an extremely desperate situation before revolution can take place. The times we live in, especially if it`s in a "first world country", are NOT desperate enough to take radical action, and if the people in power are smart enough, they will make sure that it stays this way, since it`s in their own interest to do so. The reason is that once any gap becomes too big, it will swallow the ones previously just standing next to it, too.
ednoisin (8 years ago)
john perkins is another white male taking advantage of the system created for him, by him & only for him. He is a murderer & assassin when he is able to profit from crimes. He then retires by writing his memoirs with a sense of confession bathed in truth. Either ways, he makes money & continues to live the "white american dreams." The good news: the time of the gentiles are fulfilled & THE MOST HIGH YHWH is bringing swift judgement upon those criminal vultures like john perkins. Shalom,
Michael Muller (8 years ago)
Stop supporting these corporations!!! We need boycotts again, but people just don't give a damn. If everyone in America stopped using BP and Exxon-Mobile not only would we see oil go back under a dollar in a minute, but more importantly we'd show these corporations they don't own or run this country. For the passed sixty years they have ruined our countries former reputation as the world's beacon for democracy and freedom, to fulfill their desire for wealth and power.
Michael Muller (8 years ago)
No they won't become less greedy. However history has constantly proven that tyranny can be stopped. Whether its oppression from an outside power, or from our own government; it can be put to rest. But like this gentleman mentioned it takes mass awareness that these atrocities are taken place. People I believe naturally want to do good, but when 9 firms own the majority of the worlds media, it's a easy task to keep the majority ignorant.
geenius3ab (8 years ago)
I'm aware of the shit that is going on.. And i plan to ignore all this.. First of all, I'm not a American (Though i know it doesn't matter.) Second of all, as long as it doesn't touch my life in a bad way, i wont really care.. -.- I know you will call me ignorant, but I simply don't care.. I live my life so that i wont hurt others and i try to live my life as quietly as possible.. I plan to get a wife, but that's all. This is my honest opinion on this issue and i ignore them knowingly.
Andy Anderson (8 years ago)
@arzoyan What world did you grow up on? Not this one! Why do you think that countries like Spain, England, France, and Portugal have or had holdings in the "New World"? They were Capitalists trying to expand their power and influence to new areas. If there had been no draw of mineral or horticultural wealth for these countries, the new world would have taken almost another 50 to 70 years to be discovered. Columbus was trying to find a short spice route when he ran into the West Indies.
vahe stepanian (8 years ago)
Capitalism, the wage slavery of human immense humanity in a politically manipulated,tyrannical MARKET SYSTEM OF ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY to perpetuate wage-slavery/exploitation in the intererst of the ruling class. We need to reclaim our LIVES/EARTH for a world of cooperation for our common needs and wellbeing in harmony within and without, communities of humanity in a classless,moneyless,stateless world of HUMANITY
Devr0ss (9 years ago)
@abram730 the fact you are typing this is proof you are benefiting.
TheDmora (9 years ago)
What this man is saying is really dangerous. The citizens of US should awake who really is in power behind the power. JKF told in his speach about those groups of power. Bankers owns the Fed Res of US. The laws permits a ridicouls things like that. bankers owning the money of a state? L. American has shown much dictators, with/without support of US. but the reallity is that democracy in US is only a show. The real sponsors of both parties are the bankers or transnational corporations.
chillydogification (9 years ago)
SolidSmoke1 (9 years ago)
MMMELPADI (9 years ago)
The american empire is just beginning now. We see that the cold war was a great victory and the defeat of a big heretic movement: comunism. Now, for being a world empire, like Spain was for 400 years, merchantilism heritaged from the british is not enough. America must find its idea, and spread it all over the world.
bapyou (9 years ago)
"(War is) a racket. A few profit - and the many pay. But there is a way to stop it. It can be smashed effectively only by taking the profit out of war." "I spent most of my time (in the military as) a high class muscle-man for Wall Street. I was a gangster for capitalism." "TO HELL WITH WAR!" Quotes from the 1935 pamphlet 'War is a Racket' written by Major General Smedley Butler, United States Marine Corps, one of only 20 soldiers to twice be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Extreme Pacifist (9 years ago)
The history of the US Empire is one of global aggression for the benefit of the large corporations on Wall Street, and will continue until the fall of the US Empire, which will actually benefit the rest of the World. Sad but true, we are contributing to the third-worldzation of the whole planet. We should all down size and simplify, become a Minimalist, consume less, earn less, pay less taxes to the Empire.
balbahut0g (9 years ago)
awareness is what Adam and Eve got into trouble........ Im also aware that the bible is full of Jewish bullshit.
Osvaldo Merino (9 years ago)
Wait. You forgot banks
Ullbritt (9 years ago)
Are you retarded? corporations are run by people, the corporations in themselves produce nothing, they are worth nothing. Its not as if everyone would die if corporations ceased to exist. Watch the documentary "the corporation" you might learn something.
ill withit (9 years ago)
we all going to helll is what we do in hell that matters god will forgive the second chance if u mind is right my krew tbk is the youth and we keep growing in knowledge!
seanotube85 (9 years ago)
He's just talking about the corporations that value profits above human life. Make any sense to you now?
tyler7563 (9 years ago)
Oh no, not corporations. Help!! save me from these evil places that provide jobs, produce food and every other thing in our society. You know, like the radio station this guy is on, the microphone he is talking into, the clothing he is wearing, the light he is in, the corp. that prints his book, the razor he used to shave before going on this show, and the comb he, oooops, I guess this guy doesn't comb his hair, but everything else. Oh yeah, one more thing: YOUTUBE
chordchaser (9 years ago)
I just finished reading this book, and it definitely linked some missing pieces for me. Why do countries that have enormous resources remain debt-ridden and poor? Because imperialism is alive and well, it just doesn't look like people expect it to. I'm most impressed that Perkins hasn't demonized capitalism, which is the usual progressive inclination and simply doesn't get to the truth, and therefore never changes anything. Read the book, read history, read headlines, then decide for yourself.
AIKIAMA DOJO (9 years ago)
The FIRST TERRORIST THREAT IN THE WORLD (far more dangerous that all Resistance actions all put together)... IS AMERICA! NOT A SINGLE DOUBT ABOUT THAT! The major mental and spiritual desease of America is to always see the mote in the eye of it' neighbor but never the beam in it's own eye! WAKE UP and shut down your evil elite once for all!
faustoc4 (9 years ago)
[...] John Perkins is founder and board member of Dream Change and the Pacha Mama Alliance, NPOs devoted to creating a stable, sustainable and peaceful world [...] I think he already is altruistic, and what about your accomplishments?
Brandon Miller (9 years ago)
"For there to be homeland security there must be a realization that the homeland is the entire planet". Patriotism of the spirit and humanity. We need more people like this teaching in high schools and grade school.
bapyou (10 years ago)
"no one reads anymore... maybe someone should make (John Perkins' book) a TV show starring big chested naked women." LOL!!!!!
sinecurve9999 (10 years ago)
the point is that the "true" empire are the corporations. The nations that know no borders, know no nationality, know no ethics, and know no limits to the extent of their burgeoning power. There is a high likelihood that some corporation out there has the political might greater than that of the United States. Scary to think about.
sinecurve9999 (10 years ago)
Anyone seen the documentary FLOW: For the Love of Water. It deals with this privatization and control of water resources in the Two-Thirds World. It is simply atrocious what these companies are doing to these people. To think that the US government would file this as misinformation is a sign that somebody other than elected officials are running the show. Meanwhile, banks learn how to burn the anthill that is America. All we have is our lunch money to end this harassment.
lee comstock (10 years ago)
If it's made illegal it would only lead to it being done in secret instead. And even if you could make government incorruptible by money, corporations will eventually become so powerful that governments will be irrelevant. In fact, I could see a future where a global corporate monopoly becomes so powerful that it would even cease the existence of governments altogether, or that they would merge into one entity. Personally I'm for getting rid of money all together, like in The Venus Project. :9
Planck Brandt (10 years ago)
Clear that what has to happen is campaign finance reform so Corporates can't buy Congress anymore. We've got to remove that leverage. It is clear our bill of rights is being trampled on "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" of the many for the benefit of too few. Of course, our Supreme Court's rhetoric right now is more about property rights, not rights of equality. We also need FCC reform with Fairness Doctrines again, and more money for investigative reporting on PBS from licensees.
darpachief (10 years ago)
i was a jackal...may i confess you tube viewers ???
jsem94 (10 years ago)
This guy WILL be remembered, and I hope that this will get in history books and the REAL history will get in history books if the empire is overthrown
jay91fray (10 years ago)
Knowledge of one, one will know all.
SubiyaCryolite (10 years ago)
This will be great for the world. This will give parts of a world like Africa and Latin America a REAL chance to make strides. Americans believe they're angels sent to cure the worlds problems but in reality are responsible for 80% of em. global warming, war in iraq, financial crisis and terrorism (wouldnt exist if America minded its own business and avoiding fucking with the niddleast and other parts of the world). Countries will have choices and wont be bullied by zionist America.
Robby S (10 years ago)
i'm just curious how you guys balance your hatred of american dominance with your comfortable, peaceful lives. the standard of living outside of areas where america has a huge influence is very disgusting. there are terribly unsanitary conditions and rampant famine. So you want america to become less powerful but you dont want to give up anything you have. dont you realize you are part of america? even you guys who get it are wasting your times online, in your brand name clothes and technology.
AlatarMorinehtar (10 years ago)
Down with all EMPIRE!! Hooray for Freedom!!
elSargente (10 years ago)
WE are not a part of the empire. and there are plenty of russian, chinese, and muslim elitists that ARE a part of the empire. youre just not understanding the point.
James N (10 years ago)
thanks John - stay healthy and be careful - we need you to continue making the world a better place - you are really a nice guy to work with too!
cyberdaemon (10 years ago)
Interesting video!
AeroDynamic (10 years ago)
a positive person, and smart.
eric0u812 (10 years ago)
very good vid thanks for the info
asdimd (10 years ago)
I have hope. These are exactly the kind of ideas promoted in sociology textbooks. The rise of the power elite, processes and consequences of political and economic systems, and military-industrial and corporate driven globalization are all promulgated to millions of college students every year. But, it's quit hard for the average student to understand the complexity and subtleties of these systems, and how they affect and are affected by their behaviors (purchasing, debt, consumption, etc).
Roz Rayner-Rix (10 years ago)
At long last someone talking sense. I hope there are enough sensible listeners...
ls1z28chris (10 years ago)
He is talking about real debt and monetary policy, not the annual deficit/surplus cycle. In spite of the occasional budget surplus, we still possess a massive amount of debt.
Milos Obrenovic (10 years ago)
I agree with you. I am from Serbia... this and other same story are inspiring, but not for majority people. They struggling in every day for they survival and they depend from corpocraty.
Evangelander (11 years ago)
YOu are so correct. Actually The US is a commonwelalth of Great Britain, through the banking system. ONe of the strangest things, to me, is that our country is controlled from Washington, DC (District of Columbia), which is not even a part of the U.S. We are controlled by a foriegn country that resides within our own border.
John Farley (11 years ago)
There is consistant ignorance of the masses. Greed and corruption world wide migrates from corporate and political level to the common man. As such, it is imperative that a conduit is found that people can learn from and by that individual experience. These secrets do not make headline news, corporate empires report to no one.
murdockqotsa (11 years ago)
It's amazing that even after these publications NO ONE cares! I don't understand how people can know that a book like this exists and do nothing at all to attempt to read it. I think it should be a required reading in college or even high-school! But no one reads anymore... maybe someone should make it a TV show starring big chested naked women. Dammit man...
Ngone Aw (11 years ago)
USA never really separated from Great Britian, all so called slave master founding fathers where masons, The money we pay in taxes right now lines the pockets of Great Britian and her Intl Banksters oligarcy..this is truly american, now he is made a dam hero, as usual, just like Monica Luwensky!
SiliconBong (11 years ago)
... Homeland is the Entire Planet ... wouldn't it be nice
c na (11 years ago)
I am getting the book
prisha91755 (11 years ago)
I can't believe it took me a year to find this site. In that time only 25 people had seen it...! What a strange world we live it. The masses in the US are drugged up on bad TV and the crap on the front page of youtube. The citizens of are completely unaffected by the US's global dominance. They have no idea what is going on outside.

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