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Adding Your Logo To Your Product With Aliexpress Dropshipping | #75

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Text Comments (59)
Ece Era (10 days ago)
how can i contact you
Olumide Gbenro (1 month ago)
How do you get them to make sure every single piece that's ordered has your logo. When you connect Oberlo?
Gary Hertzberg (2 months ago)
Every vendor I've spoken to...dozens...all laugh at me when I ask them any of this. Not even about money...none will even do it.
Chris Brooks (3 months ago)
Hello, Sebastian, we can help you create your own private eyewear. Have you ever thought about having and selling your private eyewear line?
MrSmallPet (3 months ago)
love it man! i Esmashed da esubskribe bootun
Daniel Soto (4 months ago)
I talked to them they don't do it for drop shipping on aliexpress so is bs i guess
Melih A (4 months ago)
Try with others dumbass
Daniel Soto (4 months ago)
but how do you communicate with them? like I did not get it or you did not say it very well lol fuck
David Krug (4 months ago)
Thanks, really helpful, appreciate it!
uspeh1 (5 months ago)
Very useful, thank you!
Haitham Farouk (6 months ago)
How do I know who my supplier is if I added many products to my website from different sources? And when I add them with Oberlo, the information I cannot find it anymore... I am new to dropshipping.
Costa vB (6 months ago)
what what if i want the logo on lets say a bracelet
Costa vB (6 months ago)
Mark Uribe thank you, but i was hoping something like engravings because i work with accessories like, rings bracelets watches and so on. but thanks for the help :)
Mark Uribe (6 months ago)
there are actually stores that have apps that can help you with that like Printful, Printify, and Teescape to name a few. They do clothing and various other things. Hopefully this helps.
vardant soft (6 months ago)
https://goo.gl/5SZR2j Visual branding is an easy and effective way to make products stand out from the crowded marketplace. Creating a brand-specific look is easier than you think. https://goo.gl/5SZR2j * Why a Logo Is Important to Your Brand Logos act as the face of your business. They’re a visual display of what your company stands for, and can be used to promote your brand both online and offline
miriam barroso riccardi (8 months ago)
Hey great video ? Who’s your vendor
TJ Phelan (9 months ago)
Great video. Helped me with a huge roadblock I've been stressing over starting my own. Thank you!
cubanita365 (10 months ago)
Hi, thank you so much for this advice. This is exactly what I was wondering about as it would be great to make my packaging align more with my brand, even if it's done simply. Would you please be able to make a more in depth video with more information about doing this, how exactly it works, and all the steps and things to take into consideration when doing this? Thank you so much again.
Ryan S (11 months ago)
Great advice, thank you!
ghassan sayyah (11 months ago)
Papacito RICO (1 year ago)
Tu ya has puesto tu logo en productos de aliexpress?
Jaime Treviño (1 year ago)
Awesome stuff, dude.
Pernection (1 year ago)
I call b.s. on this one as they have minimum order quantities that require up front funds.
Haya Busa (1 year ago)
Quick question about branding your own logo vs. Brands of vendors. Given that you print your own logo onto bags. Do you still dropship name brand products or generic ones? Also, the bags are they plastic or paper? And what technology does the supplier use to print your own logo onto bags? Cheers.
hicham idou (1 year ago)
great idea
Stefan C Emil (1 year ago)
Hi , just to ask you ,is going to be a logo if I ask my supplier to write on my products my company name ? Thank you
Aslan 95 (1 year ago)
hi can you tell who your consumer is. do you have a link
Aslan 95 (1 year ago)
who is your consumer ? can you give me a link ?
SuperSevelin (1 year ago)
Could you please help me on how to change billing address when you put payment on aliexpress? I do drop shipper and this is my very first order from my customers
D&T SQUAD (1 month ago)
Did you ever figure it out?
SuperSevelin (1 year ago)
Joyburn Official (1 year ago)
So do you have to have a fulfillment centre for this process?
Hrag Mankoushian (1 year ago)
Hi Sebastian, how are you? I just wanted to thank you about all the videos you are doing. Also I would like to ask more fragile products like caps wouldn't it be better to deliver with a cartoon so the cartoon would take the damage?
Zvezdochka J (1 year ago)
this is sound so easy - but what about volume you will need to order from the factory under private label and advance cash have to be paid for it - its big money, my friend. an if the product will not move well for some reason ? this is too risky. better pay extra for your middle man and get in smaller qty and build your clients first .
Desplike (1 year ago)
My friend told me about dropshipping not while ago, I got really hyped about it because it seems like a life changer.. Although I am just 18 years old, I kind of have visions of my success already. Everyone is saying that they earn much money on this and they speak of it like its 100% sure that you will actually earn money. So I asked my friend how successful was he in his work, he said that he was just spending money on ads and paying monthly to keep his store up, he wasn't really getting any profit from it, and im not trying to be negative and talk people out of it, I'm just worried if it really is worth trying.. Also I have few questions for you 1. If I get one store going well, and become able to open another store with another niche, should I do it ? 2. Should I run my own facebook page of my Store to promote it even more? 3. How do I actually improve my profit, like not just to work on one niche and spend my earnt money on ads and monthly payment ? 4. What should I do if my product stops selling and I'm not making any profit of it.. ( Should I like remove current products and add new niche or ?) - That's all I really like your honesty and will to help people, you motivated me even more to start this, lets call it job.. Keep up with good work, cheers !
Thot Patrol (4 months ago)
+Kareem Saheed If you sell tennis balls then search up an account with tennis in its name with around 25k followers, for example. Usually its 5 euro/dollar/... for 1 day but that depends on the size of the page.
Kareem Saheed (4 months ago)
+Thot Patrol how can you get an influencer,How much do u pay influencer. ??. Can we talk more through mail. I will appreciate. Thanks for your great in-depth analysis. Expecting a response
Thot Patrol (1 year ago)
1) If your store in that niche is doing well, keep improving it. All you do is get more money. 2) Instagram influecers are your biggest friends. For example, a person owns an instagram account for lovers of say the breed german shepperd (dog) and you built a t-shirt for those lovers, you should not pay the owner of that account, instead contact for example a GSD rescue group, because 90% of the people following that group mos tlikely own a GSD, were as if you can love the dog breed, but that doesn't mean you own it. I wouldn't recommend facebook ads as they target everyone, not a specific group of people. 3) skipping this 4)It's dropshipping, meaning you don't really lose money next to the monthly payments. If you don't earn more than your monthly payment, I would recommend to swap it. Anyway, final tip: there is something called "free+shipping", so act as if you are hosting a giveaway, and 100 people can win. You tell them that they have to pay shipping though, so if shipping+product for example costs 2 bucks, then your shipping price should be around 10. That's 8 dollars profit and people think they got a steal, while it really is'nt. Sorry, I wrote the whole Genesis here lmao
Chris M (1 year ago)
Ryu Seng - Merchant's Guild tbh his friend probably sucks at dropshipping
Hello! This is a big misconception of dropshipping. You can POTENTIALLY earn a lot with dropshipping. But those who reach TRUE success in their teens, diversify their income through other options. You don't just rely on one income or else it's like a russian roulette, if that source of income have trouble or something, you can face some difficult times my man!
George Davis (1 year ago)
I like your videos! if you ever want to network let me know! @fatrabbitnetwork_hop_on_it
Blue Media Inc. (2 years ago)
great videos please consider putting foam on your walls so the sound does not echo as much
Sabrina Vella (1 month ago)
He isnt producing hardstyle kicks you idiot, he is providing information, if that annoys you, simply fuck off.
Girl Interrupted (6 months ago)
Blue Media Inc. seriously? 🙄
epiphany 1.618 (2 years ago)
thx for your videos :) but what about using aliexpress prods in my store but people may only buy one. then the sellers in china won't do specialiSed packaging. (?)
Elle Mac (2 years ago)
Hey, do you have a detailed video on how to do your Audiences in FB Thank you
Melih A (4 months ago)
Elle Mac (2 years ago)
Thank you Sebastain
Youssef Dahouchi (2 years ago)
Ok listen.. i dont know how you do it but i tried it and communication was very hard for me.. do you have a template so we can follow your steps?
Anonski (3 months ago)
just speak to them like any other human being god damn
Melih A (4 months ago)
Are you dumb?
Adam ilias (2 years ago)
You are a good person soul and heart God bless you
Ruslan Volic (1 year ago)
Many thanks, been searching for "what is dropshipping on ebay" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Gonrooklyn Dropshipping Fraternity - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.
Fabian (2 years ago)
Would you suggest to communicate with the vendor before starting to sell the product or after you see that the product is actually being sold a lot?
RepostRay (2 months ago)
+Fabian when do you start an LLC in the states?
Fabian (2 years ago)
Sebastian Gomez thanks Sebastian, that's exactly what I ended up concluding, I've only been using the aliexpress chat but your definitely correct about having better communication. BTW thanks for the advice on creating an LlC in the states, it definitely helped me reduce the cash collection time.
Peter Richardson (2 years ago)
JOR6ECUADOR you can do a very simple communication up front just to test responsiveness and English level. Even a quick 'hey does it come in blue' will work.
cOnfidential cOrp (2 years ago)
do u have a video where you explain about STARTING A DROPSHIPPING BUSINESS

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