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The Secret History of American Presidents

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http://www.cbc.ca/thehour On the eve of Inauguration Day The Hour has uncovered some previously unknown facts about U.S. Presidents. Here's to you, Obama.
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Text Comments (34)
C L (7 years ago)
You forgot that Reagan became the first openly gay president!
Rene Spiewak (7 years ago)
@OneTheOnlyOne I know, lol
Ilian Stantchev (8 years ago)
pat442389 (8 years ago)
@DMPKillaz dude i know what your talking about but their all not owned. FDR was hated in some circles so wasnt JFK and thats after the 1913 law to start the FED.
cheifburninggrass (8 years ago)
wtf lol-it's satire you dumb fucks
cheifburninggrass (8 years ago)
wtf lol
Rene Spiewak (8 years ago)
he was black?
stoltobot (9 years ago)
Zayd Radzi (9 years ago)
Abe Lincoln black what ?!
Cloudy2Clear (9 years ago)
TomerMMHA Quit talking & come on then...got some 00 shells with your name on em. The 12 gauge is assuming u make it past the unmentionables. Maybe I was a bit hot-headed 7+ mos ago...yeah, come see me now as I've curdled, not mellowed. (You've not come close to seeing "all" my comments)
TomerMMHA (9 years ago)
Cloudy, I see all of your comments, and I want you to know... I'm with the illuminati, woooooooooh... I'm gonna get you, woooohhhhhooooo. Illuminati and masons have set up fema camps. Skull and bones are gonna get you. Woooooohhoooo. Bilderbergers! Halliburton! lizard people!
Cloudy2Clear (10 years ago)
No wonder u joke about the American Presidency. It IS a big fat humorless joke that will lead to the demise of humanity. Go ahead...laugh & sing while humanity dies. U think this shit is funny? Save a good laugh for the stay in the FEMA camp morons.
Victor Embree (10 years ago)
Hah! That kid had his head in a basket! Who was that kid anyways?
ACB Films (10 years ago)
wow i love how people think this is serious.... hahaa
Mark Kelbie (10 years ago)
Sebastian Andersen (10 years ago)
abraham lincoln wasn't black was he ??
darcyknox (10 years ago)
you sound pretty arrogent yourself, sterotyping a whole group of people ...
TrentHuggins (10 years ago)
excuse me little girl, i was unaware that the term christian used to be an insult.. you have just disproven all of christianity!!! i can finally stop wasting my time!!!!! thank god..or should i say, thank allah.. i am gonna go out and buy a sheet so i dont have to see my wifes face now!!!! hell yes, does this mean i can beat her too? sure does!!! p.s. not all christians belive in the trinity. jesus god and the holy ghost are 3 people. but i do agree on the bible being false. its mistrasnlated
Umair Khan (10 years ago)
hey buddy. well i dont know whether to reply, considering u seem to believe the new testament is indeed factual. however noticing the ur biased and slight hint of religious prejudice i'll make this remark. Eric Robert Rudolph was not muslim, he was christian, the montreal university massacre was not carried out by muslims. just recently muslims did not kill ~1500 civilians in the gaza strip. i hope u realize now...that...u...r...wrong. take care~
TrentHuggins (10 years ago)
oh ok... christians dedicate their lives to study and prayer, and have personal revalation...etc yet what do muslims do? dedicate there lives to killing eachother, belittle/beating women, and playing in sand.. sorry guy
Umair Khan (10 years ago)
lol do you even know about constantine? or who wrote the new testament? have you READ the new testament? if u say yes to the above and still claim it...is..factual...you're...dumb.
canadianmaple09 (10 years ago)
This clip is rather disappointing considering it came from The Hour. All of the jokes fell flat.
TrentHuggins (10 years ago)
but the koran isn't factual, and the new testament is..so...you're...dumb.
Umair Khan (10 years ago)
and here i was thinking it was almost as factual as the new testament, boy i was wrong
Raftimus Prime (10 years ago)
thers soo much more history that you should have covered, sooo much more, but i guess your just trying to make peopel laugh.....haha i guess
Tony Seenie (10 years ago)
for the next 40 years nothing happened lmfao good stuff
Blendre (10 years ago)
so stupid not funny
Alison Lee (10 years ago)
loll, nice word. :)
James Ballesteros (10 years ago)
hahaha! everyone that's hating, relax and stop taking things waaaaaaay to serious
froblinkin (10 years ago)
Hawanian FTW
Shannon Barnwell (10 years ago)
that was a waste of 2 minutes...
s00p33 (10 years ago)
IaMRnB (10 years ago)
Morgan Freeman FTW!
bugabuse (10 years ago)

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