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BEFORE YOU COMMENT, PLEASE READ BELOW!! Please notice that the more time passes, the more DHGate website will get reported for selling fake products & more sellers will be deleted from the site as Aliexpress has. Almost impossible to find any replica sellers from Aliexpress - - - - - I am fully aware of the fact what myth has spread about "fake" makeup. Notice the fact that 100% makeup IN THE WORLD comes from China. ALL MAKEUP comes from china, even if we talk about ABH, MAC, TooFaced etc. They all get made in China. As long no one in comments, under products, haven't complained about their skin problems, I think we all survive. Not everyone in the world earn 20$ per hour. Some people earn 3$ per hour but still want to look like queen, so their only chance is to order it via pages like DHGate. - - - - I do not support people only using replicas but a few products do not do anything bad, especially when people can buy them to keep on the table - - - - MY SOCIAL MEDIA My fashion blog - kirkepoldsam.com Instagrams: Official @kirkepoldsamm OOTD @tfbkirke Makeup @kikipmakeup Email for business - http://bit.ly/2cQIZDo
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