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The Secret History of Getting High in America

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Ryan Grim's new book explores the long and tangled roots of drug use and prohibition in America. This Is Your Country on Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High is essential reading for anyone interested not only in understanding why drug policy always goes wrong but also how it just might be reformed. Grim, the senior congressional correspondent for The Huffington Post and a Reason contributor, sat down with Reason.tv's Nick Gillespie. Shot by Dan Hayes and edited by Meredith Bragg.
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Richard Murray (6 years ago)
Hey, Nick Gillespie actually has another outfit!
rmcdaniel423 (7 years ago)
" . . . just by not arresting people." ORLY? How many people watching this know someone who's been arrested recently, or have been arrested yourself, for marijuana? Not sure about your neighborhood, but around here they still chase pot users with "extreme prejudice". He's a politician, no better than any of the others. He will only do that which furthers his political ambitions. Your liberty amounts to horseshit in his eyes.
Colby Lee (9 years ago)
I think the whole crack epidemic thing is way overblown. It's not like the streets are just overflowing with drug addicts. That's all media bullshit.
upontherooftops (9 years ago)
fuck yeah xcritonx.
mantganimakesmovies (9 years ago)
Loved the interview, but is it true to say that the US doesn't have a structural problem, or that the economy isn't affected, by substance addiction issues? What about the vast amount of neighbourhoods that were and still are torn apart by the crack epidemic? Is that problem more disparate than I've been led to believe? (Am in the UK.) Would like to hear any thoughts on that.
ForOrAgainstUs (9 years ago)
I think the enlightened aspect was that marijuana isn't a society killer that needs to be controlled menacingly with government power. Enlightenment comes from seeing it as something we should be free to use. I didn't get that enlightened Buddhist hippie vibe from him lol
TrueEmergence (9 years ago)
He didn't mean that. He was talking about being enlightened that the person realized it wasn't so bad for people to use drugs. Rewind. The first sentence was the drug user "I'm not alone here. . . " an then the second one was what you're reacting to.
samuils (9 years ago)
Thats abit irratating talking about using weed as something enlightened, it getting high , nothing enlightened about it, hey you wanna use it go for it as the matter of fact I am for legalising it, simply for the fact that a lot of drug wars will stop, but spear me the enlightened thought, thats like saying Im enlightened becasue I dont legally condemn a person drinking their mind off
Alpha Mail (9 years ago)
All it boils down to is that marijuana isn't legal yet because the people are paranoid about it i guess.Plus Obama failed healthcare so you can forget about some further progression on the matter.
Gyrode (9 years ago)
What do you do when a damn "Progressive" hippy is smoking marijuana and "'shrooms" and is lowering your IQ by talking about "the man" or other bullshit??? Do I have legal recourse there?
Jay Muntz (9 years ago)
"The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" What's up with that?

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