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The Secret History of Christopher Columbus, Nat Turner, and Black Native Americans

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LaSha (17 days ago)
Thanks Brother!!! One correction, Native American is a copy written term. Indigenous people in North America are the real Israelites they call American Indians in the Civil Rights Act.
B4BoomersBlockBoy7 (28 days ago)
he's on point........ WTG Brother
freetownmkteer (1 month ago)
This idiot has no clue what he’s talking about. Pseudo garbage.
kool keith ultra (2 months ago)
Very interesting big up from the UK
Andrey Hooper (3 months ago)
He discovered/informant of paper genocide of stolen land of the indigenous of North America's.
L Harris (3 months ago)
Good afternoon Turtle Gang. I am currently working on a Vogumentary regarding Black confederate soldiers, and treaties held by Morocco with the Native Americans. What we are attempting to do is to show conclusive information proving that many if not most of these "Blacks" fighting for the South, t were not "blacks" or slaves but former indentured servants and tradesman subject to the King of Morocco . Any information or guidance leading to early treaties, ancient legal documentation would be much appreciated. Current documentation we have is in regards to SC state legal history (Moorish Sundry Act) you can contact me at [email protected]
Aboriginal Ancient (3 months ago)
The real Irish are the TWA people
red brown (3 months ago)
aint no fucking jesus no black one no white one he never ever was even born its fake its made up
Dyana (3 months ago)
Great work. Our people giving the knowledge I thank you.
Conscious 95 (4 months ago)
He dropping gems
Conscious 95 (4 months ago)
Get turtle gang back on the channel homie..
Conscious 95 (4 months ago)
Good shit.
TLG SAVV (5 months ago)
Lost me with the horse thing. Almost unsubscribe but first day third speech but im here for now. Chief wild wing.
Yeshua Hebrews (5 months ago)
Wrong Aboriginal Americans are descendants of Shem inheritance is the entire 🌎 we started over here
You speak the truth brother, you know who we are,thank you for doing your job!!
Divine Rebel (5 months ago)
Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace!
Ricardo Smith (5 months ago)
Great video keep up the good work my brothers
Gabriel Jackson (5 months ago)
In my opinion so columbus didn't discover America, he migrated/escaped to the west... My european history teacher said socalled columbus was having a affair with the queen, the king had him imprisoned to be executed. The queen broke him out, gave him slaves/men six ships $$$, his uncle gave him a map to escape. He first landed Ivory coast black queen makeddah didn't allow euro's there. Then he sailed to.....
You are so right, the devil is in the details! Knowledge is power! You learn something new everyday. Just don't harden your heart against your fellow man. Remember it's about survival.
7 years was the jubilee concept of the bible
Makes sense now that the Ethiopian lion is in italy and the Ethiopian food culture was hijacked by italy. I found out by eating tiramisu at an Ethiopian restaurant in ATL
eroll con (6 months ago)
$ did not exist at 1400
zeroswings2 (6 months ago)
I think I read where Paul Cuffe was instrumental in bringing people to Liberia...
zeroswings2 (6 months ago)
interesting... I've heard it's only like 192,000 to N. America
Ikeda's Garden (7 months ago)
DEEP! Thank U!!
Hackerjutsu (7 months ago)
Its pronounced Pow-Hat-Tan (Powhatan) not whatever you said
Barbie Doll (7 months ago)
AK Sour God (7 months ago)
I went to school with the homie talking 💪🏾💯
yesca jasta (7 months ago)
my mamma was black and my daddy was to being i done sprog off of them as black to
P Pro (7 months ago)
Good info
Myo oneal (7 months ago)
Lisa G (7 months ago)
Peace Brother.. Turtle Gang needs more exposure.. looked him up on YouTube, not much info.. He needs his own platform like Professor Griff etc
Adversary American (8 months ago)
This all begs the question - where did the Romans get 17-million dollars? Maybe the US Federal Reserve is keeping it's top secret time travel technology classified.
jojo dancer (8 months ago)
Very sharp brother.. I need more
Arthur Vegainz Fitness (8 months ago)
This brother powerful! WHO KNOW WHAT HIS NAME IS?
Ian Armstrong (8 months ago)
Steve Edwards (8 months ago)
Thank God for giving me knowledge brother
ConsciousOne (8 months ago)
Where is this brotha at now? We need him back on your channel Bro. Rich. GEMS!!!
Big Wheel (9 months ago)
What about John Horse, Wild cat and Osceola in the trail of tears. They were the true leaders who were Seminoles. You had some Creek tribes and blacks involve in the trail of tears too. Thanks to yo man Andrew Jackson
Jeremiah McKenzie (9 months ago)
Sa Hu (9 months ago)
I wanna see him and Reggie debate
K Mims (10 months ago)
1st I know there will be people uncomfortable...Why is Mrs. E. Warren referred Pocahontas?
Phyllis Woods-Harris (10 months ago)
Deuteronomy 28 This is why Blacks are exploited. The Bible is our word whitewashed like the rest of our history the Name of the Father of the Bible is Yahuah and the Son is Yahusha. There is POWER in the TRUE HEBREW NAMES. Wake Up Black America!
NA NA (10 months ago)
THANKS FOR A GREAT VIDEO, FOR THE GUY "AX"ING THE QUESTIONS: DON'T "AX" ME FOR $1 IF YOU ARE PURPOSEFULLY APPEARING IGNORANT, The guy talking at the end messes up the whole mood of the video, you cant even say "ask" right? REALLY?
EmmeYa Tolo (11 months ago)
cant find this brother on Utube and I don't like to get on Facebook and Instagram Norris Francis Branum ?? looked up ART IS WAR on UTUBE and only find ART OF WAR please assist if you can thanks yall
EmmeYa Tolo (11 months ago)
this young brother and his method of oration is setting a model in a sense fro me He removes the argument when asked, "how do you feel?" into "how do I think?" he took it from the lower Chakra and elevated it in level (and thus vibration) from the heart to eye and head helps me stop judging the ancestors and try to learn objectively Still Standing on the shoulders of those who came before trying to embrace the knowledge not the man
GodSun Universe (11 months ago)
He on point but Liberia is not in Western Europe it’s in west Africa
Muur/lionking20100 (11 months ago)
yes, this brother is dropping real history, knowledge... peace king
Cee Dee (11 months ago)
This is one of the beat interviews.
Bey El (11 months ago)
If you want to see what the "REAL" Indians (US) looks like, research an artist named John Ogilby and his drawings of America.
Stgfre (11 months ago)
In history every culture has committed a wrong to some other culture, at some point in history. My ancestors are not anymore guilty than any other culture. This guy's interpretation of history is false.
iAmber Renee (11 months ago)
Can somebody tag his Facebook. I couldnt spell it right LOL
Mike Maxwell (1 year ago)
Great build!!!
HiGradeTV (1 year ago)
how could the so called native indians be descendants of irish at the time of columbus when there were no irish here?
Da Swooviest (1 year ago)
To hell with gems, this brother dropped a treasure chest... But, I wonder why he didn't bring out the fact Columbus also brought an Israelite to translate???
anita lockett (1 year ago)
bull Shit👎👎👎👎
Mariama Fula (1 year ago)
what is this mans name and how can i get in contact with him???????? please someone help i have so many questions!
أبو سهير (1 year ago)
Mariama Fula type in Turtle Gang on YouTube. That's his channel.
The Flash (1 year ago)
Prince Amir has excellent information. Caucasians are not from this planet thats why no matter how much the planet dies from their hands and exposure the Caucasians still don't have compassion for the death and sickness of the physical and spirit of Earth. Nature is natural, Caucasians are unnatural.
The Flash (1 year ago)
Tell the truth my Nubian brother , no more no less. This was the brother who said we can not use Moor. My great grandmother told the family we were part of a tribe called pine bluff indigenous but the entire tribe was massacred by the colonials and not one tribal member survived. I'm a Moor!!!!
The Flash (1 year ago)
I love this lecture brother we have something that no one else on the planet has much as Nubians do (compassion ).
Thomas Thompson (1 year ago)
Need dat sweater fam
Indigo P (1 year ago)
I don't think the brother knows what he's talking about. First he says Spain was sold to Queen Elizabeth the first for 17 million dollars , and then he says it was sold to Queen Isabella. Those are two different people. Queen Elizabeth the first ruled in England and was the daughter of Henry the 8th. And though Isabella was probably related to the royal family of England she is not the same person and lived at a different time. Also he says the amount of 17 million dollars. Dollars did not exist at that time. Now if he said the equivalent of... That would be a different thing. I can't listen to this dude. He is full of confusion.
Pamulah Williams (1 year ago)
OMG! What a powerful video! That Young Man is so critical for US as American Indian Aboriginies! This platform was Awesome. Thank You "BlackMagic363. Will check out the Young Man's videos. He's indeed Our Story's walking past. Much respect! I'm definitely sharing this video! 🌹🌹👍🙋.
trena1122 (1 year ago)
Awesome delivery and Information
SON OF YAHUAH (1 year ago)
Christopher Columbus was black!
chas pruitt (1 year ago)
This video is bull shit. Just another wannabe lying to avoid who he really is. We Black people here in America are not Native to America. These fools deny there was an actual trans atlantic slave trade. They say we were already here. They say that DNA is fake. I'm starting to believe these people along with the Moors, are Agents.
Askia Sabur (1 year ago)
Jim thorpe father was white and his mother was native and white.
n hnj (1 year ago)
tell me yall don't believe this dumb shit, this man said his sources are videos you gotta be kidding
DOC JERV (1 year ago)
This brother is smart
M West (1 year ago)
Please share a book list sir
TruGouki (1 year ago)
Yo brotha dropped a lot of knowledge, good shit.
Nappy Head Jackie (1 year ago)
What's the name of his 4 hour documentary and how can we get it???
Nappy Head Jackie (1 year ago)
How can I (we) USE this info to better our lives today (2018)??? How can/should we apply this!!??? OR, WHAT'S THE POINT!!???
9thwonderboy (1 year ago)
Great interview! He answered a few questions that I had!!
Jammer 33 (1 year ago)
Not funny kiddo. No body is joking.
K T (1 year ago)
I like the brother's break down of what is known. He opens eyes moreso than giving up new info.
CHAFES Ministries (1 year ago)
Lord, Jesus I finally get to take a course related to my other said of my alleged race, Indian and I get a C in it because I did not understand the language. God for give me!
CHAFES Ministries (1 year ago)
Yes, preach, yes, yes! Well if the Indians know this why have they not said something before now and why do Native Americans not reach out to us as Black Indians.
Melanin_Rising (1 year ago)
blackmagik33 I tapped out of the matrix Nov. 6 , 2016. It was around 3:00 a.m. when I was watching election results, and realized 45 was the next Pres, I literally heard an inner-voice tell me to unplug my cable box. Without hesitation, I got up, ripped out all of the cable cords and turned in the system the next day. I was never big on watching too much YouTube, but I did start watching it and exploring what was calling my spirit. I found my way to your channel and many other channels, good, bad and indifferent. I will say, that since that night, I have been waking up. I was so busy with just surviving, I found I and my family was deep in the matrix. Because we got rid of the grid, I find out that my family is more connected. We have more time to talk as a family. I had way more energy to come home after work and cook for my family, something that was hard to do before that night. I let my extended family and friends know what happened, and some of them began to unplug. I still have ions to go, but I will say this: I am done with feeling down and scared by what my eyes see. I am going down deep and tapping into the power within me to change this reality to where my indigos, my melanated people, are vibrating above this bs which we have been fed. You here me? Done. Ef these culture vultures.
أبو سهير (1 year ago)
Melanin_Rising Great spill. Stay on your journey and remain diligent in it. Word to the wise is to remain independent and free from any groups, parties, organizations, and the likes. Stay true to YOU in your pursuit of obtaining beneficial knowledge and information. Bless up.
Black Shoalin Buddha Monk ! FIrst of all, Well said of true knowledge of life with nature ! Secondly, he dead right about nature of Queen Bee of woman..lmao ! Keep preacher it brother, and keep your head up! Also, real knowledge of Indigenous Black Native American blood here and Creole mixed too. Buddha bless you brother's for you insight of life !
Koop Da Villain (1 year ago)
Look at Cheikh Bamba in da back!
Rannier Louzada (1 year ago)
Wow first time becoming aware of this brotha, I'm a fan of this brother. I wanna learn more.
Rannier Louzada (1 year ago)
I love and wanna believe every word he is saying but I wish he would provide sources for his claims. It's too bad that he didn't "feel" like sharing his sources.
T Drexxx (1 year ago)
Why would they sell their kingdom was they forced dont make since a kingdom is priceless
truth7501 (1 year ago)
Pirats are crooks they do not respect paper work. He did not describe them as negro, that is a portuguese word, not a Spanish word. The aboriginals/natives were a mix of people. Your shit is wack.
Karim Kareem Bey (1 year ago)
Keep him on your show brother Rich, keep up the good work,... #Moors
Corey Jenkins (1 year ago)
Excellent knowledge that was given. Peace.
Melanin On Fleek (1 year ago)
This Young Man right here!
NaTosha Evans (1 year ago)
Too much of a reprieve for the Caucasian groups...Accountability still needs to there on so many levels... but the info is good.
Game Of Orbits (1 year ago)
if y'all have some self respect go learn history with professors, not youtube uploads
Sa’ Ra’ (1 year ago)
Vageta Wolf (1 year ago)
Whoever thumbs down the video are sick... I just don't get those people... Thats sad... They can't handle the truth.
Phillip Solesky (1 year ago)
Christopher Columbus is totally fake. Look at that guys eyes, it's some lunatic from a mental hospital! No shit
Mona Liza (1 year ago)
Actually geneolgists suggest that we, more times than not, aren't Native American in the least. Not to mention they were cruel and enslaved us...and as far as Nat Turner there is more reliable info out there. Otherwise this is very informative and I am so glad to see a young brotha so rehearsed in history! Otherwise
metafizzakool1 (1 year ago)
that was dope.
Guy Johnson (1 year ago)
Christopher Columbus is the fundus of among us Brother don't you see that🤠
SON OF YAHUAH (1 year ago)
Guy Johnson Your saying he’s black basically?
Tashima Jones (1 year ago)
How was Jesus black if he was Jewish maybe a dark complexion bc of the area he lived in but I don't think he was black..
Juan Rios (1 year ago)
This was a great video...
A Mugabe (1 year ago)
"Roman" origin from ROMA; 14th ce Latin Vulgate. It isn't even remotely possible that in the 4th (480 CE/AD) century there existed Rome or Roman as Greek was the only spoken language. Fact check. Think about it.
dedric bullock (1 year ago)
Thought of the day for sure at 59:50 I was hooked, power house knowledge never thought of this perspective

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