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How To Find AliExpress Products With Videos

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Shopify 14 Day FREE TRIAL: https://www.shopify.com/?ref=elliott-prendy ALIDROPSHIP PLUGIN 25 % OFF: https://alidropship.com/purchase/?via=5532 Join the Build a Brand Facebook group: Join the FREE Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/buildabrand.elliottprendy/ In this video, I will be showing you how you can locate AliExpress videos, that come with pre-made product videos. Video is the future of advertising, so it makes your life so much easier as a dropshipper to have come products that come with videos already made!
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Text Comments (50)
NO WORK ZONE (5 days ago)
Pascal Chauke (15 days ago)
Thanks mate
Elliott Prendy (11 days ago)
Ask away
Pascal Chauke (13 days ago)
+Elliott Prendy really get useful content from you. Do you mind if I pick your mind regarding niches?
Elliott Prendy (13 days ago)
Cheers Pascal
Lil Ayo XO (21 days ago)
Great video thanks
Elliott Prendy (20 days ago)
Thanks so much
Paulette Ng (1 month ago)
Is your ALIDROPSHIP PLUGIN 25 % OFF still on? I can't get 25% off. Can I have the coupon code, please?
Elliott Prendy (1 month ago)
Hhmm try WOO25 not sure if it is still working
Kieren Dickinson (1 month ago)
Hey Elliot thanks heaps, your easy and straight to the point. Thank's for the clear path buddy. Cheers from australia :)
Elliott Prendy (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot Kieren
Rafael Gava Da Silva (1 month ago)
Hi Elliott! I'm Brazil and I'm very confused in choosing my niche, could you give me any tips? Thank you! rafaelgavasil[email protected]
Elliott Prendy (1 month ago)
+Rafael Gava Da Silva no worries
Rafael Gava Da Silva (1 month ago)
+Elliott Prendy Hey bro! Thank you so much for this advice.
Elliott Prendy (1 month ago)
Choose something unique, that cannot be bought easily in any store! OR something with a passionate following. Unique products work well
michael beluga (2 months ago)
so basically, you search through each individual product. Might have already have guessed that!
Ivan Ong (1 month ago)
Exactly... it is doing the obvious apparently -.- (I thought there is a secret filter or what)
Elliott Prendy (2 months ago)
Haha summed it up well
Christophe Giraud (2 months ago)
great content! thanks bro!
Elliott Prendy (2 months ago)
Thank you my brother
MLP4U (2 months ago)
are this vdieos copy right? we can donwload this and edit? put them on YouTube?
Elliott Prendy (2 months ago)
Ask the supplier first, generally they say its fine!
Scott Pickering (3 months ago)
So how do I actually add the videos to my store? I've tried adding it and it keeps telling me the video is corrupt or not supported.
Elliott Prendy (3 months ago)
+Scott Pickering no worries
Scott Pickering (3 months ago)
+Elliott Prendy Ahh gotcha Thank you!
Elliott Prendy (3 months ago)
You need to upload the video to YouTube/Vimeo. Then select the 'video' section on Shopify and paste your video youtube url into that section.
Anjali Sakharkar (3 months ago)
Thankyou for making this video..many thanks!
Elliott Prendy (3 months ago)
Anytime mate. Thanks a lot
Marek Zbanski (4 months ago)
Hello great tips my man! I was so overwhelmed with finding videos on aliexpress. Huge help! Thank you
Elliott Prendy (4 months ago)
Thanks so much man. It isn't 100 % proof but works in most cases.
Jay Speakman (4 months ago)
Just playing Devil's Advocate at what point does the wider public catch on to the fact that they can order direct from AliExpress? The site is becoming quite advanced with something akin to Instagram Influencers and a pretty sophisticated framework. And many of these products are on Amazon already. People are eventually going to reverse engineer it and just order direct from Aliexpress. Thoughts anyone?
Elliott Prendy (2 months ago)
+The Rabbit Hole Is Deep haha yep! Simple answer is yes there are millions of people out there willing to hand over their money
The Rabbit Hole Is Deep (2 months ago)
That thought has come to my mind since last year anytime I sell something am thinking are my customers guilable it's a question you gotta ask lol
Elliott Prendy (4 months ago)
You have a good point, that is why you have to look at different suppliers (check out my other video). OR alternatively, grow a brand around your store to the point where the products are unrecognizable compared to AliExpress ones (but still dropshipped from there) i.e. all custom images of products, extremely professional look on the site, multiple social media accounts that look professional and full of content (not just Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr etc). Also, dropshipping products that are extremely hard to find on AliExpress, you have to find something that doesn't simply come up with anyone searching it, something really strange is difficult to locate on the site that you can build a brand around. The fact is, if you build a brand for your store and people happen to see the same product on AliExpress, they may be more inclined to order from your BRANDED store because as soon as someone sees 'China', they sometimes automatically think 'scam'.
Jay Speakman (4 months ago)
Awesome! Yes, I echo the comment on the watermark removal gigs on Fiverr! I've been spending WAY too much time (trying) to edit my own videos. I would gladly pay someone. Thanks Elliot!!
Elliott Prendy (4 months ago)
Haha anytime friend!!! Glad you found it useful 😁 sometimes easier to get someone else to do the dirty work.
Jay Speakman (4 months ago)
Just what I've been looking for! Thanks so much! I subscribed today too!
Elliott Prendy (4 months ago)
You're a legend! Thanks so much.
Dawntrepreneur (5 months ago)
Omg the man is back! 🎉 awesome upload again! How’s life in Aussie?
Elliott Prendy (5 months ago)
+Dawntrepreneur thanks man! Haha yep working on some dropshipping sites and growing them. Ah lovely man great to hear! Yea definitely man you've been banging out the content recently. I love the little jokes and slip ups in the videos 😂
Dawntrepreneur (5 months ago)
Elliott Prendy Haha good to hear! Curious about your projects 😄 All done and settled in Amsterdam now. I figured it works better for me to have structured dayplannings to create and grow
Elliott Prendy (5 months ago)
Yep some time away! Too many projects going on!! Thanks my bro, like the direction of your channel too man. Going well bro back to the UK for Xmas. You finished travelling now?
The thinker المفكر (5 months ago)
Thank you from morocco
Elliott Prendy (5 months ago)
Thank you sir from the UK and Australia 👌
Bryan Guerra (6 months ago)
Never knew about those fiverr gigs that remove the watermarks. Really helpful tip man!
Elliott Prendy (1 month ago)
+Andres Garcia I've had it done.
Andres Garcia (1 month ago)
They don't remove watermarks on videos, it's imposible in fact since u don't know whats being, I just asked a fee guys
Elliott Prendy (4 months ago)
+inkpinz That is a fair point! You use their video at your own risk. In all likelihood, they will probably never find out and if they do they would more thank likely as you to not use the video again! But yeah, definitely riskier with the Watermarked videos. However, this video was more to draw your attention to AliExpress products with videos that aren't watermarked (which in most cases, the supplier doesn't mind you using).
inkpinz (4 months ago)
This is really not the best Idea. Think about it, if the brand implement their watermark, they did this for a reason. If they decide to go after you, you might get a 5 figure lawsuit.
Elliott Prendy (5 months ago)
Thanks Bryan!!! I know haha it's really helpful

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