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Charlotte Iserbyt - The Secret History of Western Education (Full Documentary)

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Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of Ronald Reagan. While working there she discovered a long term strategic plan by the tax exempt foundations to transform America from a nation of rugged individualists and problem solvers to a country of servile, brainwashed minions who simply regurgitate whatever they're told. Exclusive interview with Iserbyt breaks down how conditioning/training under a corporate agenda has replaced traditional education, leading to a deliberate dumbing down of Americans. Iserbyt further explains how Reagan signed agreements merging the U.S. and Soviet systems under the United Nations banner, turning over education and many other areas of public policy to global control. This is a must see for anyone who wants to truly know why the education system is deliberately crafted to produce human drones with no critical thinking whose only skills are to be subservient, trust authority and follow orders. Her book,'The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America' is free at http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com FAIR USE NOTICE and COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: "Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Judith Leopold (2 months ago)
Great information - thank you. I came back to the UK 14 years ago as I was taken to Hungary when I was 11 years old and I was literally SHOCKED of the dumbness, unfortunately literal 'thickness' of the average people in the UK referring to the education system, including friends from my childhood in England. Hungary joined the 'evolving' fascist dictatorship called the EU in 2004, I was back in the UK for about 5-6 years when some short interviews were made in Hungary in front of a very previously respectful University and also a successful collage which gave 'Bachelors degrees'. The interviews were with the students SHOCKED me again. Just 10 years under the idiotic/rather criminal ruling of Brussels already had remarkable/significant influence on - among others - the Hungarian education system, the students were dumb, uninformed about basics, really thick and very ignorant, etc. Just 10 years was enough - OMG. Just look at present days' 'snowflakes', etc. All so called 'secret societies' are mentally sick, psychopathic, also criminal institutions - ALL of them.
MGTOW RULES (4 months ago)
The people brought up in the Common Core System are Now Teaching it ! How hard is it NOW to to deprogram the indoctrination of Generations? The New World Order Really has us by the Short and Curly's.................
Mohan Valrani (8 months ago)
craxd1 (1 year ago)
She states a keyword about her time in prep school, and that is the "World Federalists," which is an organ of the secret group that was started by Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner. The World Federalists Association was founded at the end of WWII, to push for the creation of the UN, as they had been the backers of the League of Nations, and members of the Pilgrim's Society. They are who Gary Allen exposes in his book. The World Federalists would have been new when she was involved in it.
SeraphimTheOrthodox (1 year ago)
I like this feisty lady!
Penelope Campbell (1 year ago)
She explains her family was involved with Skull & Bones. Everything she says is suspect
Russell Scott (1 year ago)
If you did your homework you wouldn't make such ignorant comments.
Laura L (1 year ago)
gods jews just need to fucking DIE!!!!! everything she said is what happened to me! What the fuck kind of sick mind finds this acceptable? to steal souls SOULS was their goal!! these people arnt HUMAN!! parasites! Its literally too late for the entire generation it wa about greedy assholes who have no souls of their own so feel reward only when they can steal others! my souls reppelled at not having free will and it made me look CRAZY!!!! it didnt work for me I KNEW I would have survived in the wild better then the rest of my family cause I has A FEELING of understanding that could never be explained in words!!! I could THINK with playing with childrens toys for hours.... but because it LOOKED wird to them and I talked to myslef outloud,.. rather then this be a sign of intelligence because they did know WHAT I was thinking and according to society if they cant know what you are thinking then its WRONG. if they cant see what you are thinking its WRONG this was projected in every aspect of my life! I was more intelligent then them and was BOKEN as a result! russian fucks they all need to fuckoff but then agaisn they arnt even russian but JEWS!! FUCK!!! kill me! Ill get my soul back perfect and whole again when I die when jews call themselves intelligent for destroying intillect and souls... you KNOW what they are! It's not intelligence.... is the REMOVAL of it! the manipulation of it! what is real is fake and what is fake is real! I was perfact and a godess in my own world of imagination! it wasnt that there was something wrong in it that I was destroyed for it... but because the stupid of the world went along witht the evil... I was punished for being RIGHT!!!!! shattered!
Laura L (1 year ago)
as in because they did not know waht I was thinking
Laura L (1 year ago)
* they did NOT know
Laura L (1 year ago)
Laura L (1 year ago)
the level of evil this caused to children till the time they are full grown is somethign I can only describe as soul sucking this allowed for a controlling family like mine to USE governmental "services"to harass me and get applauded for it by the government. This level of atmosphere hasnt been in existance since the victorian era.. (that era was also invented by the jew) this is the most sick environment that could ever be described there is LITERALLY nothing outside of the governments controle in Canada (or what used to be called canada... you mind as well call it israhells bitch and childrens lab rat society) self thinking individual= punished controling to the point of using governemnt services to harass youth= rewarded unfortunatly my family are this cowardly... and it occured in such a way that it made it seem in earnest that I was mentally ill and they the good saving graces SICK granted I'm crazy, but intelligent, was imaginative, understanding, self sufficient, a fighter.. everything that is not allowed in society due to kahzar scum and the royals of the world who I beleive to also be kahzar scum!! how much money was my soul worth? mind body heart soul spirit? you stole it from me and put it in your evil souless selves...! how much was it worth? cleeearly we are all little lab rat that have a liquit "asset" $
Laura L (1 year ago)
Laura L (1 year ago)
our governments are sick witht he parasites that is the jew. we get harrassed so much for our freedom of thought, that it just makes people go along in fear. this is a destruction of souls I will be waiting just on the otherside! sword in hand along will all the armies of people of whom's lives have been ruined by these soulest monstrous fucks! there is no amount of money, no place to run, no place to hide,, to undo the puting of them through what it is they have done unto us! They are not of us, and we are not of them! they want to kill us off... fine, I hope my body gets killed swiftly... its kinder then what they will do to the morons who are the only kind of people to be able survive this society cause INTELIGENT people and those with HONOUR go crazy at this FEELING behing everythign of WRONG and VIOLATION!!!!!!! they come up with PILLS to force feed us! SICK SICK SICK PEOPLE!!!!!!!! EVIL!
Laura L (1 year ago)
the greatest wrongs done to western freedom was in the early 1900's, this was when rothschild made money from ww2 and destroyed every soul in every way imaginable simply to make a buck and have a sense of dominance over others who he rules worse than slaves! if the government of the USA back then had taken over his funds, killed off the jews and their secret societies (who all knew existed) and rounded up and killed of the italian catholics who also were decendant from kahzars just as thejews were.... then we in the west would have had a hope of freedom! if they published truth much as hitler did! they may have put him in as a pawn but they fail to see themselves as the monsters and him as someone who actually CARED and led his people! They call him a madman... wel those whom have done THIS to our FREE society they so hate, are indeed the true mad batshit crazy EVIL!!!!! better yet if JUST BEFORE ww2 the united states killed off all of them then went in with hitler and usurped the gold they were making off the slave labour and put england and the zionest jew fucks in hell with a one way ticket! then this could have entirely been avoided.... ofcourse the english public and french public etc... wouldnt have wanted to beleive.... canada may have believed and we could have been a united front agaisnt their mass criminal corps and soul killing empire!!! they naturally would have been afraid and called us the crooks... but we could have stolen their designs for nuclear weapons AND ben a western front against honourable "looking" yet evil souled royals and jews war mongers. naturally they would have had a perminant enemy then so they by that reason (not by reason of love fro the people) would have made their nation strong and happy and loving simply to get them to do what they wanted ,much as they did in ww2 the more free will we had, the more fair society we had... the happier all round we were, the more helpful to each other and roundier we were! we knew we invented everything and others got gold and could afford it... they just hated to be reminded tehy were NOT better but rather insignificant and indeed LESSER they were, and they wanted to be viewed as saviors rather then tha cause of our destruction and misery! How horrible these shitheads really are , they do know! the insanity! but eventually Ithink even the PEOPLE of europe would have known .... for thsoe who faught along side and were related to them they would all havehad relatives in canada and america.... tehy wouldnot really have wanted to hurt their own so looked into the cause.... not sure everyone wouldhave bought into the big evil boogieman that they tried to paint hitler as, but there were only a small number of germans in this country.... as opposed to "allied forces" t'would be nice tot hink that they'd have been dragged out of their homes with the REAL truth of ww1 and their experiments and simply tortured to death much like the russians! I 'm so glad that happened to atleast THAT many of their family..... pity the rest werent completely robbed of their slave labour earning also!!
Knut Holt (1 year ago)
I am from Scandinavia, Norway, and I have seen it all happen there too. The avarage Norwegian young person is hardly able to think by themselves. At best they have some skills in solving mathematical equations or the like in a robotic manner, but without understanding the deeper patterns in the subject. And heshe is utterly gullible and easy to lead by authorities if any kind. The world masters initiated a sexual freedom movment. In many way this movement was a good thing. But it lacked one ingreient, which is reason and thinking. But the masters had no intention of making people free sexually. Their intentions were to losen existing sosial bonds and norms, in order to enslave people in a new system without any kind of freedom, not sexual freedom either. And this is exactly what is happening no. People are gradually being made slaves of the state which again is the instrument of the World elite. And again most sexual relations and handlings are gradually being defined as felonies or symptom of mental disease, and prohibited.
Trish McGettrick (2 years ago)
adam grigsby (2 years ago)
Patrickmichael42 you are asleep
Mike Pasamano (1 year ago)
The Vatican Revolutionary New World Order Antichurch is how the Illuminati are mixing all the false religions with the One True Religion to form the One World Religion of the One World Government! You should visit the ("Sedevacantist") sites http://apostlesoftheendtimes.com and http://betrayedcatholics.com, and the ("Sedevacantist") "Traditionalist" sites http://novusordowatch.org and http://mostholyfamilymonastery.com, for some good info on this! (Beware that the first three sites teach "baptism of desire" and "invincible ignorance", as if they were part of the Faith, when, in fact, they contradict the absolute necessity of baptism and Church membership for salvation, which are part of the Faith!)
Mike Pasamano (1 year ago)
Geanie, please be advised that your Zionist Protestant propaganda won't work on me. Protestantism is not Christianity. Catholicism alone is Christianity. All others are false religions and lead to Hell. My pearls are only for they who want the truth, not for swine like you.
Dolly Madeson (1 year ago)
Mike, please go to YT channel Jeremiah Weeps and watch, Catholics, you are the sacrifice!
Iva Lindsay (2 years ago)
charlotte's website americandeception.com
Iva Lindsay (2 years ago)
Lines of Credit - Ropes of Bondage publication - at 1:03 changing American history:
Iva Lindsay (2 years ago)
that the American revolution was non-bloody?
darthvader5300 (2 years ago)
Simple: The American public has been dumbed-down, brainwashed, and indoctrinated not just in your schools but also in your mass media and by Hollywood. And your situation in America started since 1900 by the NWO now known as the Shadow Government operated by the Black Ops Department which was over taken by a highly politicized and bribed politicians and paid public servants in the pockets of George Soros, Rockefeller, Clinton, Bush, Obama, etc. All private education was private and 'DECENTRALIZED" down to the town level and/or county level. Classical education is mandatory requiring strict study of Greek and "Latin" and a solid ground in history and science must be strictly mandatory and widespread. Education at that time is to create a nation of "INDIVIDUALS WHO COULD THINK FOR THEMSELVES!" AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY WHICH IS THE 20TH CENTURY, AMERICAN MEDICINE IS STILL BASED ON THE ORIGINAL AND 100% EFFECTIVE NATUROPATHIC AND HERBAL REMEDIES AND MEDICINALS AND PHARMACOLOGICALS COMING FROM NATURAL MEDICINAL PLANTS AND HERBS AND IT WAS ALMOST DESTROYED BUT IS NOW MAKING A COME BACK, FORTUNATELY FOR THE WORLD. 45:57 TO 1:10:56 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySnk-f2ThpE 1840 census, that is when the dumbing down of Americans started, extremely slow, subtle, indirect, scattered on a spot basis here and there so as to avoid 2 way communication between the schools at that time. All private education was private and 'DECENTRALIZED" down to the town level and/or county level. Classical education is mandatory requiring strict study of Greek and "Latin" and a solid ground in history and science must be strictly mandatory and widespread. Education at that time is to create a nation of "INDIVIDUALS WHO COULD THINK FOR THEMSELVES!" The dumbing down of Americans started with 1 man called Frederick Taylor Gates, the most EVIL anti-intellectual evil man who wanted and tried to destroy God greatest creation which is the inherently free thinking "TALENT" in man for man was born to be free, free to think for himself and that requires good education that this evil man called Frederick Taylor Gates, a "a bad Baptist Minister who went against the Bible's greatest order and wise counsel which is based on the "THE PARABLE OF THE 10 TALENTS" was appointed and financed by Rockefeller in 1889. And now that created a problem that Dr. Michio Kaku is saying in this video "America Has A Secret Weapon" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK0Y9j_CGgM Uploaded on Aug 22, 2011 Dr. Michio Kaku speaks about how America's poor educational system has created a shortage of Americans who can perform high skilled technology jobs. As a result, America's H-1B Genius visa is used to attract immigrants who are skilled enough to perform these jobs. Full Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceEog1... All private education was private and 'DECENTRALIZED" down to the town level and/or county level. Classical education is mandatory requiring strict study of Greek and "Latin" and a solid ground in history and science must be strictly mandatory and widespread. Education at that time is to create a nation of "INDIVIDUALS WHO COULD THINK FOR THEMSELVES!" AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY WHICH IS THE 20TH CENTURY, AMERICAN MEDICINE IS STILL BASED ON THE ORIGINAL AND 100% EFFECTIVE NATUROPATHIC AND HERBAL REMEDIES AND MEDICINALS AND PHARMACOLOGICALS COMING FROM NATURAL MEDICINAL PLANTS AND HERBS AND IT WAS ALMOST DESTROYED BUT IS NOW MAKING A COME BACK, FORTUNATELY FOR THE WORLD.
Rachal Quinn (2 years ago)
They are using food to destroy our nervous systems. As this interview reveals, that is how they get to the soul of a person. The Glyphosate, other herbicides, and food additives are destroying our nervous system. google stephanie seneff and glyphosate. eat only organic vegetables, organic food, and good meat. heal yourself and others. read the christian bible, pray to God, and seek Jesus. They want you to be humanist and anti religious... look at all the war on religion. it weakens you. seek god.
john whelan (2 years ago)
hi is charlotte still alive I would love to know her opinion on putin,?? and considering the world today what her opinions are.. very interesting lady.
John Captain (2 years ago)
The murder of Tiffany Jenks in Oregon is the reason she is dead. Tiffany Jenks as a Scientist worked in Oregon for the BPA in full control of 21 dams and one of them the "Hoover Dam" she did this under Mind Control and when she told me "John they want to kill me" and they did.... I took this clue and audio to my Oregon Police... They told me to "Let the murder go" and I said F/U I do not allow anyone to lie, especially not tax paid POLICE... Tiffany Jenks needs America's help. Please support TiffanyJenks.com and or go to my fb page John S Captain and Tiffany Jenks Murder FB to like this page... I need justice in Oregon... And they will not be honest without you making them... Please help before they stop me... She was raised in Burns Oregon who's Courts along with the ones in Portland LIE to cover up this murder.... And they want me to stop telling the truth... This CULT must be stopped...her Pappa Richard Lovett and her own sister Jennifer Jenks Johnson John S Captain III
John Captain (2 years ago)
The murder of Tiffany Jenks in Oregon is the reason she is dead. Tiffany Jenks as a Scientist worked in Oregon for the BPA in full control of 21 dams and one of them the "Hoover Dam" she did this under Mind Control and when she told me "John they want to kill me" and they did.... I took this clue and audio to my Oregon Police... They told me to "Let the murder go" and I said F/U I do not allow anyone to lie, especially not tax paid POLICE... Tiffany Jenks needs America's help. Please support TiffanyJenks.com and or go to my fb page John S Captain and Tiffany Jenks Murder FB to like this page... I need justice in Oregon... And they will not be honest without you making them... Please help before they stop me... She was raised in Burns Oregon who's Courts along with the ones in Portland LIE to cover up this murder.... And they want me to stop telling the truth... This CULT must be stopped...her Pappa Richard Lovett and her own sister Jennifer Jenks Johnson John S Captain III
William Carr (2 years ago)
"My grandfather was Skull & Bones" -C. IserbytThe German model's problem as seen in the British royals who went into power with $500 million is now worth reported $14 billion from mostly investments in uranium.  J. Robert Oppenheimer was removed from his role in the development of nuclear energy when he refused to make the hydrogen bomb.  Today the largest U.S. miner of uranium is also the company that makes the Predator and Reaper drones, General Atomics, owner by the former business partners of Nicaragua's "he's a son-of-a-bitch" but he's our son-of-a-bitch" sociopathic dictator, Anastasio Samoza, Neal and Linden Blue, also Skull & Bones now married to the former "Mayor of the U.S. Naval Base" at San Diego where the USN SEAL headquarters is built unmistakably in the form of the Nazi swastika.  San Diego is also where the German Saxe-Gothe-Coburg-Windsor Prince Edward met his future wife, Wallis Simpson, a known Nazi spy, exiled to the Bahamas by Churchill with Edward for the duration of WWII.  Wallace Simpson is the god-mother of Mrs. Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, wife of Prescott Bush, Jr., author of the book The First Frogman: The Story of Draper Kauffman.  You cannot really understand what Iserbyt is talking about unless you've read Smedley Darlington Butler's book War Is A Racket and all of Anthony Sutton's books.How an architect could have purposely built the SEAL headquarters in the exact shape of Nazi swastika in the years following WWII is as bizarre as Minoru Yamasaki, the Bin Laden's favorite architect, being commissioned to build the World Trade Center as a model of Mecca in Manhattan for the NY Port Authority.  Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe project in St. Louis, the subject of Lisa Martino-Taylor's PhD open source dissertation on line, was the locale of an undisclosed U.S. military radiation experiment.  PI was "pulled" in 1972 using thermite explosives that were invented in the 1890's and used initially in the railroad industry as a welding method.  The same company, CDI,  that completed the demolition of the WTC quickly after 911 to the complaints the victims' families, had demolished Pruitt-Igoe.We're in deep yogurt!
jon freeman (2 years ago)
Tes O'Leary (3 years ago)
so what r we supposed to do about all this?
Michelle Mohr (1 year ago)
We need to get Pres. Trump change the education system back, to the way it used to be. Andpray that the kids we abused in this manner are delivered.
brightbite (2 years ago)
If you must have children, be prepared to home school them or have a private tutor home school them. Don't let anyone tell you they won't become socially mature if you home school. If they go to other events with other kids, they will get their social needs met.
Karen Folques (3 years ago)
All you have to do is look around, open your ears, listen to the little plum sauces and snowflakes worry about their 'safe spaces' and the fact that the rest of us 'microaggress' them...omg...am I glad my daughter got through school JUST ahead of this crap..some of it was in existence...such as banning books instead of dealing with their subject matter in context, such as having EVERYBODY else change their lives for one kid who has some issue. Now, it's unbelievably out of control. Not to mention the teaching methods themselves. We allowed the radical leftists, the Alinsky, politically-correct, social Marxist, agenda-driven, identity-political, grievance worshippers, race baiters, to take over most of our cultural institutions and this is what we have now: at least 2 generations of seriously dumbed-down, non critically-thinking individuals who've lost all knowledge of classic liberal debate, exploration, argument, ideas....we're pathetic for allowing it to happen...
Austin Klein (11 months ago)
Karen Folques Hate the word Snowflake.Not word the uses.
I find this video useless unless you have already read Ms. Iserbyt's book. The "film" is nothing more than a 2 hour monologue of the author's autobiography, detailing more about her various life experiences with vague references to the actual subject matter (ie. "the dumbing down of America through the education system") that provides no context, specifics, or substantiation. I gather this is all provided in the book of the same name, but this video is by no means a stand-alone reference on the topic. If you want to see the how and why of Charlotte Iserbyt's relationship to education then the one-person interview is this video. If you want to understand the actual subject at hand, you need to go elsewhere. Try John Taylor Gatto, for starters.
Russell Scott (1 year ago)
I disagree, this is also important. I recommend people watch this then read her book.
+SignsAllAround Happy to help. Try anything by John Taylor Gatto, for starters. But if you want a great doc that covers this and all of the related context (rather than Gatto's lecture format- or in addition to) I strongly feel that every American needs to see "Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century." It covers the school system and MUCH more.
SignsAllAround (3 years ago)
+Adventures in the Free World i'm getting a feeling only a couple of minutes in... thank you for helping me save 2+ hours of my life. i'll get the book.
Al D. Bondiga (3 years ago)
I"m glad the truth doesn't completely die and we have the opportunity to understand these things and not live an absolutely wasted life to simply just die.... but... There is no hope. Anything short of Jesus Christ him self coming to save to us is not going to do a damn thing. Just take a look around you awake people. Really look around. I'm sure you can agree you are surrounded by automatons, fuckin zombies! The damage of western education has been done. NOTHING ANYONE CAN DO NOW. PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN! THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE!
John Blocker (3 years ago)
deep char really looking out there is a few good ones left
Pegasus (3 years ago)
The deliberate dumbing down of America - She is 'right - have you ever tried to talk to an American ? ( no offence ) But; You Americans are really dopey and the stupidity in America is astounding - the gun control measures should be seen as a matter of basic humanity and common sense.The US is too immature a society to be allowed to play with guns. It has never shed its Wild West mythology. Americans, the psychopaths culture. They like to spread their goodwill all over the world. American society is immature and unable to take basic actions to save lives:
psgaming101 Craup (1 year ago)
Odyssey4x4Spatran >Children are dying >Doesn't know what a false flag is. Fun fact more people die by knives driving and with bare hands... You idiotic moron.
Mike Pasamano (2 years ago)
You don't get anywhere close to being president, especially of the United States, without being on board with the Globalists and having their hands up your ass. Trump's slogan was "make America great again" temerariously implying that the United States was ever anything but a troublemaker. Hitler had the same slogan for Germany. He introduced "gun control" to Germany. Then he set up concentration camps in Germany. Germany hasn't really changed. You get jail time for not being brainwashed into believing the "Holocaust" hoax just because a bunch of Jews claim it happened despite no genuine evidence of it. You get jail time for not being brainwashed into believing the Vatican 2 antipopes to be popes. The 2 "crimes" are listed as "Holocaust" denial and "Sedevacantism". I'm a "Sedevacantist". You get jail time for telling the truth about Islam and Moslems in Australia. Moslems don't care about your anti-gun "laws". Islam's a totalitarian world-domination cult, not just another false religion. Lemme know how you fare against the Moslems with no weapons when they establish Sharia in Australia! LOL!
Pegasus (2 years ago)
What is Donald Trumps campaign slogan? "A complex world demands complex hair."
Mike Pasamano (2 years ago)
Hey, you dumb Aussie liberal, here's a newsflash: the Americas got invaded by the Europeans 400 years ago and this is coming from a guy with Cherokee, Chippewa, and Choctaw ancestry so fuck off!
Pegasus (2 years ago)
I think it's about time the American idiots got invaded, let's see how they like it.
Vaclav Haval (3 years ago)
Also read David Mulroy, John Taylor Gatto, and Richard Mitchell. The war on education is very real.
Zed Dez (2 years ago)
And Dr. Duke Pesta
john craig (3 years ago)
This woman is batshit crazy
Gavin Fitzsimons (1 month ago)
+Willy Whitten I saved your blogpost on my homepage but I'd like to know how one subscribes to your blog...
Rod Martin, Jr. (2 years ago)
+john craig, said the person whose only "claim to fame" is *_ad hominem Logical Fallacy!_* Tsk, tsk.
Vince Velasco (2 years ago)
john craig you're an idiot
pocketstaylor (2 years ago)
John Craig, go back to sleep. This info is obviously over your head.
john craig (3 years ago)
+Willy Whitten You can see them planning and plotting on sea island as we speak.
patrickmichael42 (3 years ago)
she's full of it
Erin Hunter (3 years ago)
Tower of mind control has been put up everywhere, check your area, http://www.antennasearch.com/ FFT the almost 6000 years from creation Satan has enabled all to be deceived http://www.antennasearch.com/
Pocahontas McDonald (3 years ago)
Shared and Posted to my G+ Page
andy helm (3 years ago)
Dont worry guys, their even people about who never did what our teachers said while we were their.
Nice Breasts (3 years ago)
She was the one who educated me about what conditioning? I cant understand what she says there.  25:15
DragonChaserKev (3 years ago)
All I know is that: Politicians, Police, and Priests are scarier than any Terrorist.
Mike Pasamano (1 year ago)
I'll let you in on a little secret: police and politicians are terrorists; the fake "priests" you refer to aren't real priests; and the Vatican Revolutionary New World Order Antichurch has all the exteriors of but is not the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Roman Church, Spotless Bride, and Mystical Body of Christ having, as her Soul, the Holy Ghost. If you weren't aware of "Sedevacantist" reality before, now you are.
Dale Dorsett (3 years ago)
Awesome, I knew some of this but this is a wealth of information. Absolutely fabulous content but shows the New World Order Socialist controls put in on America.As a Christian these things are fulfillment of prophecy. It is amazing how many people think themselves do wise in their own eyes and can't be taught and resent anyone who disagrees and have become fools. To create the NWO and allow the internations bankers and their corporations that control major media, Hollywood, education, etc -- brainwashing is essential. Marxism, communism, humanism, socialism all are tied to the planks of Marxist Socialism. Hegellian Dialectic, all you mentioned, TV, media, etc are tools to get people to abandon reason, morality, and freedom. Thank you so much and God bless you.
james wilson (3 years ago)
She has a lot of info just wish she had an editor to get to the points faster she could keep peoples attention longer
Ravenmor Fox (3 years ago)
+W3rking W0nders you are awesome dont listen to james wilson, people sometimes like to think theyre helpless for it gives them the reason for making an excuse for not having to do anything about it, or just simply doesnt like to be thought of as being wrong about a whole life being built for this manipulated socoety. Im mega busy myself and am 4o, i listen to this stuff and streaming pod casts from around the world on a look while a work away in my office and every now and again i make a note to look into further... I did my 9 years of uni and 25 of experience in the health science field. Now will be spending the rest of my life going back over all of it to sift any truths away from the pile of bs we've been taught. You are so awesome wonders :D you are an example of future who dosnt buy believe everything ones told to.. You question big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps have no tv (cant handle the propoganda tv/mainstream media news), just a projector for occasional movie night, no cell phone just a vintage (not cordless) landline and see people facetoface when i want to catch up, including business meetings, i watch tv shows by boxset in the background monitor whilst i work away for fun re entertainment/tv... this can be done and one is happier for it
james wilson (3 years ago)
+W3rking W0nders you don't have 500 things like kids, bills, repairs, laundry and all the things Parents / adults have to deal with. TELL YOUR PARENTS THEN, TELL OTHER KIDS TO TELL THEI R PARENTS 
Oona Craig (3 years ago)
At 1:31:34 Charlotte names the reason that the Banksters financed the "russian" Revolution -- Greed. They wanted to obtain Russia's natural resources.
Oona Craig (3 years ago)
Operant conditioning now has unseen lethal brain- and mood-manipulating brain weapons that can be used on the unsuspecting sheeple. These weapons were used on the Iraqi army in the 2003 Gulf War (see the interview of Bob Woodward by Andrew Mitchell, in which Woodward reveals the existence of these weapons; "Bob Woodward -- mind control").
Oona Craig (3 years ago)
Major foreign and domestic need to be counterbalanced with de-centralized wealth and representation, because total centralization allows a few ruthless men and women to take control. Those few people who are best organized will be the most homogenous. The Jews are the most homogenous, as history has proven. One can be a Jew only by being born a Jew. Conversions are for show...Sammy David Jr was a "porch Jew". The Ruling Hasidic Rabbis have found that the best way to keep decent Jews from integrating with decent Gentiles is to frighten Jews regularly with a Big Bad Gentile bogeyman. Hitler was the last effective (Rothschild-funded) bogeyman. Propaganda movies like Schindler's List and books like the Diary of Anne Frank (written by Meyer Levin), keep the fear of Gentile bogeymen alive. The only real Bogeymen are the One Percent -- the Global Banksters.
Oona Craig (3 years ago)
End the Jewish power stranglehold by ending their control of the money supply. All fifty states should immediately establish a state bank on the pattern on South Dakota. Congress should issue Lincoln greenbacks and Kennedy silver certificates. The Russian word "soviet" (as in the Union of SOVIET Socialist Republics) is the translation of the Hebrew word "kahal" into Russian. A "kahal" is the Talmudic self-governing body. The "Russian" revolution was brought about by Jewish-controlled Freemasons (Bolsheviks), as was the "French" revolution (Jacobins) and both world wars (communists) and all succeeding wars. The world revolutions are in accordance with the goal stated in the Talmud of achieving a Jewish Utopia. The New World Order is the Jew World Order. When the Jewish Banksters got tired of subsidizing the USSR's basket-case economy out of the US Treasury, they "pulled" it.-- and divvied up the oil/gas/etc resources among themselves. BP got the oil.   The Jew Gorbachev went to live at the Presidio at Monterey, California (his part in the scripted scenario, done). Then the Rothschild puppet-Jews Yeltsin and then Putin took over. The US Military is so infiltrated by "dual-citizens" that the military suckers allowed the "Dancing Israelis" to attack the Pentagon during a "training" exercise...and Dov Zakheim absconded with 2 billion stolen from the Treasury (announced on 10 Sep 2001 by Donald Rumsfeld). The US is screwed...hard economic and immoral times are coming, because the Destroyer Sect is in Charge of America. They have advanced weaponry of the type that "atomized" the Twin Towers and controls brainwaves and ufo advanced vehicles.
Woof Bark (1 year ago)
Oona Craig Wow God must have blessed Israel.
Beckey Girard (3 years ago)
Well, this confirms what George Carlin said To have the American Dream you have to stay asleep. No sense in fighting it. Go back to bed.
Barbara Sutton (3 years ago)
I, being now 72, can honestly confess that I was born outside "the proverbial box" and I never climbed in, I am very happy to say.
Mike Pasamano (1 year ago)
I was born inside the "proverbial box" but I found my way out!
Millard Fillmore (3 years ago)
+Barbara Sutton YOU GO GIRL!.
Hintrland iii (4 years ago)
Thank you Charlotte, you are a true inspiration!
John Taylor Gatto TV (4 years ago)
  2015 Book re-release: "The Underground History of American Education" www.JohnTaylorGatto.com
FenderSchonJPX (4 years ago)
If you can't get a president like Reagan to eliminate the Dept of Indoctrination then no one will.  It's the classic false choice we have been given for decades, to pull the wool over our eyes, to convince us we had a choice to make us believe the lie that we are free.
Rod Martin, Jr. (2 years ago)
+FenderSchonJPX, really? You put so much faith in Ronnie? He betrayed the country after his day 69 warning shot. The way to eliminate all of the corrupt departments and agencies is to build a new civilization before this one has fully collapsed. We are free! Free to love our enemies despite their crimes. Free to take full responsibility for their acts against us. Freedom from being a victim. If the land of the free and home of the brave beats within your heart, you have all you need.
Rob Volanti (2 years ago)
pocketstaylor are you completely insane, or just a low information follower? The one person that would fix common core? She was campaigning to STRENGTHEN IT. Trump wants it abolished. Now whether or not he will be able to do that with all of the enabling political beasts resisting such efforts remains to be seen.
Vince Velasco (2 years ago)
pocketstaylor what do you think Hillary will do besides ruin this country even more than Obama
pocketstaylor (2 years ago)
Exactly what do you t hunk Trump will do besides nothing? You Trump people have to get it into your heads that he is NOT the Messiah and will do little more than build a wall…if that. You shunned the one person who talked about fixing education and eliminating Common Core. Too bad for our children.
Peter Turner (3 years ago)
+FenderSchonJPX Only Trump.
Reggie Bellamy (5 years ago)

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