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Untold Truth About Why History Was Told To You In Reverse

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Dane Calloway (1 year ago)
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Wilfried MBANG (20 days ago)
+John Doe blacks are egyptians and other some other black civilisation but definitely not abraham lincoln
Temet Nosce (27 days ago)
As an indigenous man, I would like to ask if there is any way I could reach out to you? I am finishing the writing of my book but I would like to get in touch with you before I publish it
Christian Dotson (1 month ago)
Dane Calloway why u have no Subscribers on your Channel very strange
King Opps (1 month ago)
your info is next level..
Rhonda Owens (2 months ago)
Whoa!...4.9 million views!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Anthony Jackson (5 days ago)
You killed them on this one dan
Truth Factor (7 days ago)
This man is the Goat
Thomas White (10 days ago)
Blame anyone but yourselves for your shortfalls. If African Americans went back to Africa the Africans wouldn't tolerate your leftist ways.
African Music Tv (10 days ago)
My friend, you also have to emphasize that Chocolate people occupied the entire world before other humans. We traded with each other and shared common cultural backgrounds. We own the entire world. Search the Jaruwa people of India on YouTube. Indonesians are blacks, Chinese have natural born black China, the entire Middle East is part of Africa, Australia is another black colony, South America, Central America and many more. All chocolate people around the world have to unite and take over. I agree with your documentation because I visited an Indian reservation in Green Bay Wisconsin and party with black Indians who were darker than me. They were very nice people. The allow me to dance in their ceremonial paw wow event. I also have pictures to prove my claims. Thank you for sharing good knowledge 👍👏👏👏❤️❤️
conna miller (10 days ago)
I cant help but to understand exactly what you are saying and i know everything is a lie we are kings and queens most definitely
Quee Delisa (11 days ago)
Wow Dane!!! Brilliant at best. Thank you!!
This is because of the fact that when you read something forward, it also has the same meaning backwards too. Like Stairway To Heaven? Everyone knows what it sounds like forwards, but backwards, it's like the exact same thing but flipped!. Like, "Yes there are two paths, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on" I'm not religious, but this is stating what some believe is a backmasked message!. Like forward, it's Stairway To Heaven, but backwards, it's the exact same meaning, but reversed!. Kinda hard to explain.
Mark Hales (12 days ago)
myfetishstory (13 days ago)
What movie is that map scene from?
Mrs. Conscious (14 days ago)
excellent work young man,,
Loveable Queen (14 days ago)
Where do you get your resources? I would like to research this further. I am a new mother and would love to end the cycle of miseducation.
Momma Coexists (15 days ago)
Romans killed every baby born during Jesus date... today humans torture and kill blacks......... any questions?. (Search people of Nazareth) they are not white... where is Jesus from?. Nazareth, just because Mary (MIGRATED) to Bethlem, does not make Jesus conceived by Bethlem people. OH btw Mary (MIGRATED) yes it has always been legal to migrate,.
Patrick Gragg (16 days ago)
That girl at 5:52 on the left is a hippie!
Buffalo SouljYAH (17 days ago)
The "movie" clip is actually from the show The West Wing fam
Melinda Hoye (17 days ago)
Man this is so deep . I’m going to make notes and as my children learn the made up indoctrinated stories im going to teach them “They said...” but the “Truth is...”
Zin Niz (19 days ago)
I'm an African,& always doubt the painted story that all AA are Descendants of slavery. How could that be!!! Who was there at that period to know all the original dwellers on the land?;to solve this myth, different kinds of stories were propagated in order to hide the truth from innocent souls,& generation yet to come. May the almighty God bless u
Andre k (19 days ago)
Amazing info brother
lucktr8 (19 days ago)
hmmm there was a story I saw about slave ships "desire" that would contradict your story!
Verd Sting (20 days ago)
This is one stupid video. Black people didn't create White People nor gave birth to a white baby. White people weren't originally born in Africa. Your words don't prove that the her em akhet were made out of the image of the white man. This is a stupid video that make no logical sense.
Everything (21 days ago)
Michael is a pedo
Angel B (21 days ago)
Has anyone noticed on the Ancestry commercial everyone has a little slice in their circle that says African/Black😂😂😂😂😂ain't nobody talking about that drop of blood rule anymore
Scott E (22 days ago)
Sounds like you left out God, for politics. Now I am not saying our history hasn't been edited. I'm just saying Dane, this hurt my ears. You used scenes from fictional films, you also were quite slow in your words. There is pride and anger in your heart and soul. There is a lot of untold truths about Black Americans. The trouble is, while there are different people, they are not a different species. The same hand forcing the White Supremacist is behind your back. Were you there 2,000 years ago? Do you know who I am referencing? How about 2,019 years ago. Are you also in favor of reparations? Did you not read your Bible, or only the false teachings in it written by man? Reparations are to create slave voters. Imagine this: Reparations are also going to be funded by upper class Black Americans. Should they have to pay lower class Black Americans? Caucasians and Nubian come from exactly where you were told. The pale skin helps to deal with the cold. Did you notice how Africans are better suited to hot, dry or rough environments? How about the Africans in Senegal who gather nearly all of the Sea Salt labeled from Africa or even the Mediterranean brands. Melanin isn't offensive, NO Melanin isn't offensive either. Are you truly interested in where Black slavery began? Try looking up this: Ancient Nuclear War, which should involve India and most of the Middle eastern Arab States. That actually happened, since then, there are still African slaves, only I don't see anyone, not even you working to free them! You see, a long since covered up past, the true history is, The Atom bomb has been used before. After the Middle East and Central Lower Asian Nations, some might think of Persia... Annihilated The Ancient Black African Kingdom... What you see unfold is, the subjugation of an entire people. This might take you hours, it might take you days, you might not want to believe it. The truth is out there. The truth is, an ancient Nuclear war between the Arab and African States. Some Arab States are now in Africa as a result. Just what history do you think Hitler was seeking to find? Oppenheimer himself knew of his Ancient Nuclear War and the weapons as such. He used the description to recreate the Nukes we see today, now everyone has them. I do hope that you find peace, maybe start praying more and believing in politics less. Your generation could be facing Nuclear War. What are you doing with your time? Not much.
Trump 2020 (22 days ago)
Lol, Abraham Lincoln was a racist. He was trying to send you guys back but then started the civil war and got a shit ton of people killed. His intentions was to never let you stay. Lol, yea
George Gilles (23 days ago)
Wow. I'm speechless.
Andre Diaz (23 days ago)
Serious question... Does a compass points south but we been told that south is north???
Brian Cottrell (24 days ago)
This hurts my head, but it's a good pain....truth. just being honest.
Brian Cottrell (24 days ago)
I know your focus is on reverse history and falsification "people of color" in history (respectfully). Thank you for these documentaries which challenge cognitive dissonance (especially mine). My question is: I'm curious what you think of this recent interest in Tartaria?
Jeffrey Chandler (24 days ago)
The Indians of today how did they get to america?..and when
Brother Murph (25 days ago)
I had to watch this one 3 times.so many lies that i grew up with, thank you for opening my eyes
Abo (25 days ago)
Thank u.u, Dane. I find this to be one of your most important videos!
Clark Pedican (25 days ago)
Bro, you're too much; weh you finding this stuff?
Unruly Masses (25 days ago)
I try telling ppl this and they reject it. Most ppl can’t except the fact they’ve been lied to. Because the history books would never lie I guess.
Linda Walton-Troutman (25 days ago)
So, were the moors the original aboriginal people of this land? Was John Hanson a moor?
Tamx Gold (26 days ago)
The narrator sounds like Malcom(Theo) from The Cosby Show
OGB 1327 (26 days ago)
Lillie Holmes (26 days ago)
Marlon is telling the truth, and I know I've been lie to all of my life, I feel sorry for the young white children, they don't know any better that's why they do have a problem killing.
Lillie Holmes (26 days ago)
Wow the MAPS , I thank you for this history
Lillie Holmes (26 days ago)
I meant to say white people have no problem at all when it comes to killing another human being, Dane your video is so refreshing and educational. They need to teach this to their white children and maybe it wouldn't be so much hatred in the world.
KMT Ausaur (27 days ago)
Question which country has more natural resources Africa or America?
Summer Breeze (27 days ago)
In my Katt Williams Voice... “Everything we were taught in school was a lie? EVVVVVVVERYTHING?.... Dane Calloway... E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
Sean Blaze 410 (28 days ago)
I do think a lot of the things you say could be true, my issue is u haven't cited many sources. A lot of it is theory. If you could recommend books or somewhere I can get the info you've stated I'd definitely read it.
Lyft Mogul Get Lyfted (28 days ago)
Hey Dane please debunk this clown Justin Munson he is disrespecting your name bad bro and he is a clot chasing clown 🤡
jae sutt (28 days ago)
What movie is at 15:00
Bruce Keys (29 days ago)
There needs to be a bigger and better way to give all this information and education to the masses. I've tried word of mouth but our people still love their way of life, asleep.
Supreme Goddess (29 days ago)
The part at 11:13 made me slap myself in the face, cuz that was definitely a slap in the face... Smfh imma be on your page all night....
Brother Dane, hello. Question. Am I listening to you narrate Grass is Greener on NETFLIX??? CONGRATULATIONS!
steve long (1 month ago)
I took for granted that everyone new this information that you are presenting. According to my verifiable ancestral history and the history of many people that I grew up with, you are spot on. However, we believe that the mixing of Original Natives and Africans hide these facts from the unenlightened to the point that many of them will argue with you using the false information from the colonizers who are responsible for mis-educating the masses, while others have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo because they share a Pan Africanistic ideology or are in it purely for profit. It is not just the United States of America that this mixing occurred. The majority of so-called Black people in America most likely share common ancestry with Original inhabitants from Canada to South America. This is nothing new. It is just not widely known or accepted for a variety of reasons, none of them good.
eddie smith (1 month ago)
If you don’t mind sharing, could you give us some titles to the book you’re reading so we, your audience can do our own research?
Happy Gut, Happy Life (1 month ago)
My mama always said that when you dig a ditch for the next man/woman you are only digging it for your own fall.
Free Spirit Princess (1 month ago)
My stomach dropped somewhere when you said we are from America & pink people are from Africa I'm done with the evil deeds of pink people AMAZING WORK BRO 👍
Stefanie Freebird (1 month ago)
Wow DANE wow
Viking Queen (1 month ago)
White man has been blamed for the crimes of the Jews for too long. When the Jewish Queen of England had native children killed, it was blamed on white people. All history books are written by the Jews, and they lie. The Americas were not discovered by Cabot or Columbus. Apart from Natives on Turtle Island, the next people to reach the Americas were Vikings, and they were murdered as per Jewish torture methods, but the books said the torture was carried out by the natives. Where did they learn these methods? Surely another lie. Genocide started when the Jews came to the Americas.
Usy A (1 month ago)
Isn’t that resident evil 7 theme I hear there 👀?
U c Unique (1 month ago)
Please, please, please, study human history and science and religion and socioloy and physics and mathematics. Study it collectively. Study it unbiasedly We must give facts and truth to the masses. Your aim is great but if you have study our human conditioning not taught from a continent or two but the collective history from the continents you would not put up this...False Evidence Appearing Real...F E A R... It will instill fear and ignorance. WE ARE ONE RACE. WE ARE ONE RACE. WE ARE ONE RACE.WE ARE ONE RACE. scientificallyy proven on 7 continents by life experiences and science.... One Race. W A K E U P.
XiFi (1 month ago)
"The history books are lying"- Michael Jackson.
FLUFFY JIN (1 month ago)
Im brain washed...all I know is that i am black when..black. Isnt a race its a color but its alll I know..I don’t know my culture at all...
/ (1 month ago)
So, what is the significance of the black man pic next to Lincoln pic?
/ (1 month ago)
I wish u didn't use the music. Manipulates one's emotions. Other than that, you are so appreciated!
Tfoxort Ohamaden (1 month ago)
Ronnie Miller (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me how is it possible for anyone to have a cell phone in the 1940's???? You can clearly see the woman with one!!!! It's at 8:07...CRAZY
BaKheru (21 days ago)
The cell phone technology has been around for over a century since Nikola Tesla. They suppressed it just like they suppressed the electric automobile that came out with the t model ford and all of the other energy and life saving technology that has existed since ancient times. They've had automobiles that could levitate since the 1940's. There is nothing new under the sun, everything is just a rediscovery of what has already been.
Timur K. (1 month ago)
You 'muricans are all crazy
WH6FQE - RC Anderson (1 month ago)
Ok, once you started with the "Countries aren't where we think they are" theory, you lost me. I happen to be a ham radio operator, and I know that the countries are in fact in the areas that we think they are because we have to use maps and compass headings to aim our antennas to talk with radio operators in those countries. Yes, the sizes are distorted if you are using a flat map, that's a given, everyone who understands how a globe is turned into a flat map understands that, but the locations of the countries is not incorrect. I know that the United States, as well as other countries, have changed history, and they continue to do it today.
Chrissy N. (1 month ago)
Excellent works ❣ Have you looked into T.R.C. .. over 6000 killed. Mohawk Indian children kidnapped by Roman Catholic church Christian missionaries-Aries 1834-1969 boarding school Assimilating and Horrific abuse. Canada 7000 witness testimony. Rome Rothschild Rockefellers IsRaEl always a Smith, Blacksmiths, John Smith Joseph Smith. Mining the Mind.
Merlene Robinson (1 month ago)
Can't believe they package us with so many lies.Seems all what I've learnt is lies.O my Creator !!
Carolyn Rome (1 month ago)
The narrator(s) are hard to listen to The beginning voice was hum drum and spooky The Second voice was clipped and seemed to be reading Jus Speak naturally in a normal conversational tone and not clipped Even if u are reading the material
Nana osei Bonsu (1 month ago)
Just get up this illusion.Yes, History has been distorted, Yes some blacks were in the Americas before Columbus touch down in the Americas(Thanks to Ivan Sertima), but for collaway to think and propagate that Trans Atlantic Slave trade didn't occur is a fallacy, amidst all proof of it in Africa?My guy, travel to Africa and learn
A.W.O-TV (1 month ago)
Did ancient Africans come to north America and settle here before Europeans came?
A.W.O-TV (1 month ago)
How were we in Africa and north America at same time?
A.W.O-TV (1 month ago)
So malcolm x was wrong?
As always...a very informative video to open the minds of all.
Monique Chambers (1 month ago)
Hit that like botten if you awake 🙌
Raizah Onika (1 month ago)
Am here after the death of Lauren london husband
B Serna (1 month ago)
In space and in relation to the sun, there is no up or down, so that really doesn't matter. I bet you still think the planets rotate around the sun like a flat disk. They don't. Also, Darwin never stated that humans came from monkeys. We have common ancestors; like tigers and house cats, killer whales and dolphins. You cannot possibly believe that natives were black. The same blood like that compose the people in Mongolia, Siberia and Alaska run through the individuals in North America, Central America and South America. Not Africa. Native Americans were not from Africa. Just ask them.
Edward Frawley (1 month ago)
Makes sense if Egyptians use to travel to America then some would have probably stayed behind or created trading post. Used the Mississippi to travel up. Explains Cahokia mounds outside St. Louis and finger tips of the gods at devils backbone camp grounds in southern Illinois. Native Americans would have been Egyptian or a mixture. If you keep the line going from the great pyramid through america it lines up with St. Louis.
soul bakin (1 month ago)
its more pyramids in america than africa. why would ppl come here. build up america and go back to africa and build barely any in comparison. im talking 1000s more not to mention bigger and older
Ariyah Yasharahla (1 month ago)
Otherwise how else can you explain that many being broken? I mean at some point you would say creditably is gone. Just like today. The same people go to other countries and give the illusion that it’s a fair compromise on the news and public eye. But the truth is that there is no plan in place to be fair to the under dogs. These people are and always have been cunning.
Ariyah Yasharahla (1 month ago)
How do you break 400 treaties? What people don’t realize about all the treaties is that the Native ancestors never even wanted any treaties. All of if not the mass majority of them was forced” upon them.
Blixx (1 month ago)
The bible is the biggest lie ever..
JAY-R 4rm KING PARK (1 month ago)
Wow & every 1 made fun of 21 savage for not being originally born in Atlanta..but born in Europe..wow so many hidden facts in today's society #MIND BLOWING
squirty (1 month ago)
I'm white
Coco Cynderella (1 month ago)
What movie is that??
M Piper (1 month ago)
Man this some very disturbing information because these people has gone to great extent to deceive and create deception in make themselves seem better than others. What's even more disturbing is what extent do you think they would take to keep this information under wraps?
The Zone (1 month ago)
The system could be overthrown some day...but that would mean white and black people working together. Whites would have to accept our "supremacy" has been manufactured. And has no basis in truth. Black people would have to find a way to forgive the sins of the white people and be able to trust. Together we would be the new world order.
Jim maloney (1 month ago)
at 17.53 i see a woman with a cup in her left hand. in her right hand a cell phone & she is talking ?????????? am i seeing things
Rochelle Pratt (1 month ago)
I love this young man, I have learned more on YouTube than in School.
Anime Tv (1 month ago)
Can I spread ur truth
Emmanuel Lescouflair (1 month ago)
Are you saying that Slave ships never existed and that no one was ever brought here on a ship from Africa? Is there a record of slaves that spoke any Native American Languages? Just curious.
Teetee (1 month ago)
Sound like mj was wakin up and excited about new information and was trying to share it....hummmmm
custommade90 (1 month ago)
Sooo.. all the black people left "America" and went to "Africa" and the ones still here are.... what? People native to warm climates are darker for a reason. North America isn't warm.
Kourtland Perry (2 months ago)
My mouth is wide open😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Carlton Starks (2 months ago)
How come you African American never talk about the million African slaves that had to March across the Sahara desert. Most of them died. It it was not led by Americans. JEWS AND AFRICAN TRIBES did that. Sold by your own people as slaves. Sold by your own and marched into the desert. How come that's being kept hush hush. Get over it.
All you people acting like the school system let you down. Have any of ya's been to a library. The school system gives you the basics, shows you a path. What you pick up and READ along the way is the choice of public. Nothing is as hidden as it seems. A lack of knowledge is your own problem. YouTube is entertainment. Not always true facts.
Penny Howes (2 months ago)
Anyone else notice the lady on the cell phone at8:07. Right after he speaks about Darwin. I actually had to rewind it and watch it again. Wtf dis i just see? This is definitely not any recently takin video. Please comment
Anthony Edwards (2 months ago)
I hate when people blame whites for this. They power of a country is determined by the founding race. Indians may have been here first, but we caucasians colonized it. Blame chinese oppression on asian power. Blame African oppression on black power. Blame Mexico's corruption on Mexican power. Corruption tends to be more present in the biggest control group. As logic would depict.
DvSjiebel (2 months ago)
You should definitely start accepting crypto donations.
Hanson Yah (2 months ago)
Everything we know is a lie. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” -William Shakespeare
GS 510 (2 months ago)
That bitch really on her cell phone 📱👀 8:06
Mon P. (2 months ago)
Who controls the media? Who controls Hollywood? Who controls book publishing houses? Who controls the federal reserve? It is definitely not "evil whitey".... it's (((them)))
Bryan Fuller (2 months ago)
Lincoln wasn't a black man
Samiki Booker (2 months ago)
To place Europe in Africa is not accurate at all our people was kidnapped from Europe Spain Russia Germany China Asia Poland Ireland Germany America and placed in Africa we owned Europe they came into Europe remember and murdered our ancestors that lived in the homes and castles we are not addressing thing properly
Cormac MacArtney (2 months ago)
And of course, we all know that only the most scholarly intellectuals heavily rely on the wisdom of entertainers and the teaching tools of movie clips. Now, THAT'S Real Talk! Not really though! I was just being sarcastic.

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