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Nazi America a Secret History

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Mtbmatt18 (3 days ago)
NOBODY produced AND produces more propaganda than the Jews.
Barry MacDonald (26 days ago)
Remember when History Channel would make interesting documentaries instead of producing "Pawn Stars" and "Ancient Aliens" ?
Duvmasta (1 month ago)
4:08 does he have a speech impediment?
Ben Dover (1 month ago)
Porter Maxwell (1 month ago)
The film does not mention that congressman Samuel Dickstein was a Soviet agent, paid $1,250 per month by the NKVD (predecessor of the KGB)....In the 1930s "agents of foreign principals" had to register and later under the Alien Enemy Act? Then why don't Zionists have to register now as foreign agents, starting with Congress?
퀸비틀즈 (1 month ago)
졸라 웃기네.ㅋㅋㅋ 미국인들이 나치타령 하니까?ㅋㅋㅋ 뭐 백인 파워든 뭐든간에 자기 맘이지만 나치 코스프렌 진심 존나 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋ
G Miller (2 months ago)
Nazism is NO worse than Communism/Socialism. Socialist scum in our schools are now doing the same things to American kids that Nazis did in creating the Hitler Youth.
Jusker Duu (2 months ago)
Brought to you by the (((SPLC)))
Spiffy Virus (5 months ago)
There’s a 53rd Earth and it’s called Earth-X
Inspector Vague (5 months ago)
Little do they know, Hitler killed Khazarians. Not Jews. He knew that true Hebrew Israelite is black. So he garnered enough man power to silence them.
Dominique Faraut (6 months ago)
A Book ( In French ! ) Made By Two French Historians Is Avaliable Since 2012 ! It's Called " The American Nationalist Movements Between 1920 To 1944 " !
soid drone slayer (6 months ago)
NEO NAZI/WHITE POWER SKINHEAD groups in America Aryan Nations Creativity Movement National Alliance National Socialist Movement Battalion 14 Werewolf 88 White Aryan Resistance American Front Aryan Strikeforce Blood & Honour Hammerskins Keystone United (KSS) Supreme White Alliance Volksfront Vinlanders
chuck jackson (7 months ago)
Let's never forget our history, socialists mobocrates. Not in America , again! Red wave!😃
Nazis you will pay for Charlottesville
finchborat (2 months ago)
And if future Charlottesvilles happen, the police need to round up all the members of the KKK, neo-Nazis, and Antifa who are there and lock them all up.
LosRioDelMar (9 months ago)
They didn't release them because they knew hitler and a lot ss made it to Argentina the usa could handle another war. They feared a 4th reich but little did they know the 4th reich attacks social media, banking, political wars not a battle field.
LosRioDelMar (9 months ago)
America became the SS
LosRioDelMar (9 months ago)
There they go.... the boogie woogie cameras part. Dumb f****
Zeug Dings (9 months ago)
No mention of how Jewish organizations like the adl and splc (ab)use freedom of speech rights to spew their anti-white propaganda? my, my, my... no mention of "suppressing" their free speech//note taken.
rianess21 (9 months ago)
Its funny and horrifying at the same time. Their ignorance is astounding. There is no such thing as race on a genetic level. Also, whites are not native to the Americas, they're descended from Europeans. I wonder what actual native Americans think of these idiots.
Pure Energy (9 months ago)
rianess Thank you very much, there is NO such thing as race !!! All these race ideas are all made up !!!! Why not take it to the quantum level? We are light, pure light proven by quantum physics
T.M. Smith (9 months ago)
rianess21 They really don't care....,
Edward (10 months ago)
Thaddeus Stevens (11 months ago)
I'm glad that worthless son of a bitch named George Rockwell was murdered by one of his own (John Patler), Lmao!
Lömm (11 months ago)
death to communism
N8 (3 months ago)
Lömm long live communism
charjl (1 year ago)
Never mind the fact that the "History" channel has even less credibility than CNN...
charjl (1 year ago)
Relevant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeznKvrHEF0
Duvmasta (1 year ago)
4:07 does he have a speech impediment?
T.M. Smith (9 months ago)
Duvmasta yes
RichardCyberPunk (1 year ago)
you talk 0it pof your ass... Amerian azis do no ezist./
ArrozTV (1 year ago)
Fuck you. Not because you hate nazis, I hate them too. But WHY are you communist, man? What is your problem? Do you like HUNGER? Do you like people dying? Do you like CCCP? Think about that. Of course capitalism isn’t the best type of government, but the world don’t have any better type of government, so capitalism is the best by now.
ArrozTV (1 year ago)
Fuck you. Not because you hate nazis, I hate them too. But WHY are you communist, man? What is your problem? Do you like HUNGER? Do you like people dying? Do you like CCCP? Think about that. Of course capitalism isn’t the best type of government, but the world don’t have any better type of government, so capitalism is the best by now.
Anders Wolfe (1 year ago)
America needs it again
jimmy johnston (1 year ago)
Defend freedom of speech. All of these people were CIA agents. MLK faked death. (See Russianvids.) (NB: the Earth is not flat.)
jimmy johnston (1 year ago)
And Karl Marx was a British agent, trained at Tavistock in London.
jimmy johnston (1 year ago)
Duvmasta (1 year ago)
Did William Pierce have a lisp?
In this broadcast from the year 2000, Dr. Pierce talks about a History Channel documentary called “Nazi America: A Secret History.” The sheer amount of lies and stupidity in that particular piece of propaganda is incredible to anyone who doesn’t know anything about Jews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeznKvrHEF0
IronPiedmont1996 (1 year ago)
Whether you agree with this documentary or not, you must admit, the narrator has a very nice voice.
charjl (1 year ago)
It sounds generic
finchborat (1 year ago)
That is true. It's good to hear his voice describe the craziness from the neo-Nazis.
Sunflower Socialist (1 year ago)
I wonder why they never discussed the silver shirts
Dark Blade (1 year ago)
Israel was part of northeast africa, Egypt is their neighbor.
Asher Priddy (1 year ago)
1:05:13 hahah
Joker (1 year ago)
This makes me want to vomit, Nazi bastards!
anıl erden (1 year ago)
great video about American Nazis
charjl (1 year ago)
oh look, it's a lemming in human form
ten ten (1 year ago)
Jews are white. Dumb fiucks
TubeTheWorld (1 year ago)
Ian Faen That’s actually not true. Jewish is its own ethnicity. Even Jews would disagree with you. To marry or get citizenship in Israel you must pass a Jewish DNA test. But that’s ok for them and will never be criticised by any mainstream media
pteeng1 (2 years ago)
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! America land of the free? These people actually believe that phrase to be true.
Sporora (2 years ago)
Gotta give it to History channel, they did a great job conflating the militia movement and neo-nazis.
Rebel87 (2 years ago)
White Bitches love my BBC 😈
Max Cady (2 years ago)
Give me a rope and I'll reconcile you with your ancestors
Numlock Delete (2 years ago)
They are not "nazist" just normal white folks that say and do what they realy mean no Bull shit america is based on CAH and Now you bitch over a roman salut? Seruiosly! !
the one (2 years ago)
D Lynn im the loser? lol go read some history before you talk shit. The nazi ideologi is based on 1900 social darwinism and guys like frederich nitzhe made the withe think they superior to non with. nazism tryed to rewive that. And many american did agred on that black being inforior to white. So gut the shit and read history before you talk shit loser!
D Lynn (2 years ago)
racism is a crutch offered to losers who can't confront their own failures and shortcomings. Normal white folks are largely made up of people who don't need that crutch. YOU do. And that's sad. But don't drag everyone else into the gutter with you, loser.
Numlock Delete (2 years ago)
Let them fuck up the zionist !😀
Dorothy G. Tyas (2 years ago)
Down with the vile NAZIS ! !
Pet Shop Boys (3 years ago)
why are you Aryans "pro communist" Note the name of the "owner" He's a commi bastard. very against anything and everything Nazism
Towelie MCtowel (3 years ago)
I hate commie scum
Jose5718 (2 years ago)
+Johnny Anon lol follow your leader fashit.
Jose5718 (3 years ago)
eat shit nazi fuck
TarrantBot 2020 (3 years ago)
I spit on the red flag, I hate commie scum
debba stevens (3 years ago)
so funny nazism is not national socialism....nazism is what you see here rasicm and supremecy dreams.....NS is about white pride not power but the american-nazi's cant seem to see it and for the video poster face it communism lost its done natinal socialism on the other hands is comming right back
apetcoff (3 years ago)
This history channel is owned by Jews
Bradley Juby (3 years ago)
No mention of Prescott Bush?
altoona inspired (1 year ago)
Explain maybe?
twoquickII (2 years ago)
Or George Soros?
David Lilley (3 years ago)
I will not say it is the only rule. But certainly one of the most important rules in a free society is that the individual should have complete freedom to do whatever he wishes provided he doesn't break the law (interfere with the freedom of others). This is just my paraphrasing of J S Mill's main argument in "On Liberty" which makes the case for the total sovereignty of the individual and the limits of the state, the state's sovereignty. Freedom of thought, speech and press are very important but overridden by Mill's complete freedom of the individual. Your freedom of speech should be limited by law. You can say whatever you like as long as it not slander or hate speech that has harmful effects on others. The US Nazis and a whole bunch of Black supremacist organisations should be proscribed (illegal) by law. Remembering that the law is the only source of your freedom unless, of course, you wish to enjoy virtually unlimited freedom for yourself but interfere with the freedom of others like any criminal.
Lol, two virtually irrelevant subcultures fighting eachother in minor riots. There should be a third group 10 times as big at the same place representing the rest of America chanting: "We don't give a fuck! We don't give a fuck!" I don't get how these counter protesters think them having a stand off with the nazis will do anything else than make them feel empowered (the nazis).
Alois Schicklgruber (3 years ago)
Hey! They're not Nazis. They're Ukrainians!
hemmingwayfan (3 years ago)
Hey look, Donald Trump supporters. I'm not even joking
Polio Paprika (1 month ago)
Some could. But that doesn't mean Trump supports their ideology.
Livelive (3 years ago)
+hemmingwayfan True
Teodor Achim (3 years ago)
aryan nation a bunch of frustrated white trash loosers :))) ... quote "white race is at war: the only ppl who are at war here are this stupid rasists groups.
truthiness2010 (3 years ago)
What's a mongolroid?
Dark Blade (1 year ago)
truthiness2010 it's "mixed race" the white males going around rape dark skin females produce mongolrids.
Sal Ultimate (3 years ago)
+truthiness2010 mixed white and nonwhite
Manuel Camelo (3 years ago)
fucking idiotiic americans, they're just dirtying the image of the true Nazism. We have something you all never have. We have the style, might and intelligence to rise again our power over the world.
TheEfian2004 (3 years ago)
And your power will fail again because it is inherently evil.
Dean Rockwell (3 years ago)
What did the Indians have to offer anyone? They mutilated and humiliated their victims,cutting off body parts etc. They were a savage and inferior form of humanity, who could not co-exist with any race of people. Not really any different than African blacks, except Blacks proved to be more meek and easily manipulated by slave owners. Why would they go all the way to Africa to obtain slaves, when America was filled with Indians?
Raymond Joseph (3 years ago)
And now the Jews rulle them
mad hatter (3 years ago)
Death to the Communist Liberal trash!
mad hatter (3 years ago)
I am proud to be White.
mad hatter (3 years ago)
+TheEfian2004 Your mother is a crackhead ape.
TheEfian2004 (3 years ago)
evolution is a lie if it were true there wouldnt be an ape on earth you evolving idiot
TheEfian2004 (3 years ago)
When you die you'll turn back to your original color which is black.
Dar Len (3 years ago)
Ummm...I have a bit of bad news for these ppl...Jesus was a Jew
Pure Energy (9 months ago)
Jordan Death is a lie, Christ still lives, proven by quantum physics
Jordan Lewis (11 months ago)
Dar Len Jesus was killed by the Jews.
snow wolf (1 year ago)
Dar Len true da mate
TheEfian2004 (3 years ago)
+Shut Down liar
AthenaTsunami13 (3 years ago)
What is the point of protesting? It is obvious that the way of Nazis is wrong. I mean, do we want to end up like Nazi Germany? No, we don't.
Polio Paprika (1 month ago)
Uhhhh. Your pfp is a German PanzerKommandant
Ryland Stevenson (3 years ago)
Interesting how nazi's get so many tattoos. Why darken your skin when you're proud of it's white complexion?
Nefus1988 (4 months ago)
Too bad many nationalists adapted the skinhead and hollywood nazi style with tattoos (jewish creation) and non white music.
Nefus1988 (9 months ago)
Tatooing is also something promoted by the jews, too bad most nazis are hollywood nazis using hollywood movies for inspiration
Zeug Dings (9 months ago)
(((Stephen Grey))) What's worse, honest and stupid, or evil and smart-stupid? Juden think they're smart, cheat and subvert, then always end up failing. You will again.
T.M. Smith (9 months ago)
Ryland Stevenson. It has ALWAYS astonished me that some people can't stand people "of color" and yet, these very same people go to tanning beds or lay out in the sun! I'm guessing these same people, who profess to LOVE Jesus, wouldn't let HIM in their home let alone join their "club"!
Stephen Grey (11 months ago)
@Effing Suburban At least it makes it easy for normal human beings to spot the Nazis ;-D
Suzuki Nathie (3 years ago)
Irv Rubin and the JDL are terrorists. They may have differing viewpoints from the Nazis, but they are terrorists
so is Dugan and Spencer they were in the car in Charlottesville when James Alex Fields murdered Heather Heyer Fields is in prison these men are not. I want Dugan, Spencer, Kessler, and Arthur Jones in prison. Arrest the leaders and the Neo Nazi Party will fall.
Sunflower Socialist (1 year ago)
Well yes, but Nazis are worse.
Ефим Шестик (1 year ago)
Hitler's G I Death Camp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iydEfXEv80 Rich Man's Trick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9AJcS2KsQE
Patriot Jay (3 years ago)
these nazi scum obviously don't know the Bible the fact that they use it makes me wanna throw up!!! God shoot the fascists! my grandparents didn't debate with fascists! MY GRANDPA SHOT THEM!!
RaananVolesPianist (3 years ago)
Nazism and Communism have more in common than you think. That's why they divided up Poland.
Craig Newton (3 years ago)
This is sick and evil. As a peace officer for 35 years I have seen these people as a group of low life uneducated screwups.
charles blaisdell (3 years ago)
man , I would really like that little blonde Id. Nazi bitch for a few hours
Tailgate Idw (3 years ago)
The nazis where rasists and they still are
United Volkssturm (3 years ago)
Nazis don't care about race a true national socialist cares for there country like me I have black and Hispanic who wear the swastika with pride
charjl (1 year ago)
National Socialists are ethno-Nationalists. Still, even in Germany some exceptions were made.
United Volkssturm (2 years ago)
+Corey Johnson they want to stay with there own race just as much as we do
Herman Quiahuitl (3 years ago)
United Volkssturm (3 years ago)
thats why the right wing is always right ha get it get no..
Jesse Waffen (4 years ago)
Why @ 47:00 reichstag has judaism star?
Jesse Waffen (4 years ago)
wow paper-clipped hitler AFTER ww2 in U.S soil, that rock-hitler, face changed BUT 100% MATCH in sound by comparer program what police uses... hmmm??
Jesse Waffen (4 years ago)
Epoh Kpamp (4 years ago)
What you don't know is that national socialism prefers the people control the state rather than your govt controlling the people.
Jose Feliciano jr. (4 years ago)
MrChaosDark (3 years ago)
+BadBoyChris by doing what? most of them was just normal people doing normal stuff.
MrChaosDark (4 years ago)
+WhiteNationalist White Defender look mat europe? we are ligthi years infront of USA, in humen rigths. even east europe is running in front of the "land of the free". If you visit here once you would never go back. Don't beleive in all the bullshit  media use to control us, we have no crime here, we never live all the shit you see in the news that shit is for the ciminals only. Sweden is with out doubt one of the best countries i have ever been visiting. I don't beleive in US firgths for freedom they don't help people in need. ANd of couse holocaust happened where i live there is proof all over that it did. But you still did not get the point the nazies got their as kicked not only because they was nazies but because they was shitty people.
The Iron Pill (4 years ago)
you have no real argument that's why you are reverting to insults such as they got their ass beat daily, you are the goyim they speak of, the great little goyim. Maybe if you studied what NATIONAL SOCIALISM is you would understand the smart outbreed the dumb, only the strongest survive because humans are tribal. Funny look at Sweden now who is the dominate culture, in fact look at all of Europe. Maybe just maybe if you opened your eyes you wouldn't be so ignorant to what really happened and what is happening now. I guarantee you believe the US fights for freedom and that the holocaust exists.
MrChaosDark (4 years ago)
+WhiteNationalist White Defender ahh mate that is simply to easy, my grand father saved a jewish family to sweden by smugling him over a addict and to a boat. My grandmothers sisters husband was part of the danish resistence. Hitlher did not care if they was zionist or not. the videos tell me the new NAZI's dont care either. I use to have freinds who became NAZIES and really your nothing but rejects. These guys got their butt kicked daily and probally still does if they are not locked up in some nazi fort or killed. You not figthing anything you just don't like being alone. and who the hell want to live in the world you are creating where the lowest person in the society gets power by killing the smart people?
The Iron Pill (4 years ago)
+MrChaosDark We are against the Zionists, not the true jewish people, but the Zionist elite.  
Craig Bugden (4 years ago)
Um, what's a "mongleroid?"  Never heard of that one before, but gotta give those Nazis full points for creative vocabulary.
Shay Monte' (4 years ago)
white folks are crazy af lmao
HRE (4 years ago)
That propaganda, so cringe, so painful, my ears and eyes, they bleed.
British Grenadier (4 years ago)
why my grandpa died fighting in Germany for nothing im going to america
daniel mchale (4 years ago)
blacks today are dangerous to whites and jews
daniel mchale (4 years ago)
every race is doing the same thing
Mattie Jennings (4 years ago)
They call them self christans? Jews were the choshen people of God. Jesus was a jew and was most likely dark skinned I mean he lived in the middle east he couldent have been white.
charjl (1 year ago)
at least you're high functioning....
Jason Todd (4 years ago)
History Channel, same one that brought us Aliens in Egypt episodes.  ... Aliens
jimmy johnston (1 year ago)
Look more closely...
hemmingwayfan (3 years ago)
+George X Yeah, History Channel has changed alot since the late 90's and early 2000's
Jose Feliciano jr. (4 years ago)
+George X SO WHAT ? ALIEN !!!!
Argus Antal (4 years ago)
Fuck naziz
Tony M (4 years ago)
Fuck Nazis but I want to remind the uploader and anyone here that the Communist killed more people than Nazis ever did :)
Patriot Jay (3 years ago)
+Tony M amen
MrChaosDark (4 years ago)
+Tony M who cares who killed most it was a retarded way to think, and to think hitler would let any of these reject live is even more funny.
The Iron Pill (4 years ago)
+Tony M Why "fuck Nazis"
Shiksa Knows (4 years ago)
So many lies...incredible propaganda! 5 Star Jew promotion...
Roger Diogo (4 years ago)
America is a big concentration camp!!!
Edward (10 months ago)
Oscar Yeager (4 years ago)
Morris Dees is a pedophile and he is saying lets teach tolerence
Oscar Yeager (4 years ago)
Look how prosperous the German nation was under Hitler, strong athletic smart self disciplined people. Compare that with the USA and many European countries with mass immigration of today. MTV and fast food dominated cesspools. Drugs, stabbings, robberies rapes murders, fuckin horrible society. Thank you to the "equality" pragade. Freaks going down the street with their gay pride and anti family filth. Absolute degenerate state we live in.
Matthew Bissonnette (3 years ago)
+Oscar Yeager In Nazi Germany, the blond haired and blue eyed superman did not have it very good. Every aspect of his life controlled, from his employment to his private life. Spies for the state pervasive everywhere. Almost an entire generation of men killed in a war. Adolf Hitler said it is the people who direct the state and not the state who directs the people, but that was one of the most controlling forms of authority ever devised in human history. The white man did not have it very good in Nazi paradise either.
Patriot Jay (3 years ago)
+Oscar Yeager Acts 17:26 "From one blood God hath made all nations of men, to dwell upon the face of the Earth." And nations comes from the Greek word 'ethos' meaning race, so its saying all races are the same in the New Testament, I hate MTV and homos, and this horrible society however I believe that all men are created equal its what you chose to do with your body is what will make you a lower person or a better person.
Pancake64 (3 years ago)
You are a damn great person. I agree completely
Oscar Yeager (4 years ago)
The female author near the start says Hitler wrote what he knew, which was anti semitism because it was rampant at the time in Germany. Well you have to ask, why was it rampent? Oh the Germans just decided to get rid of the oh so nice well meaning, never done anything wrong jews. Many of the "facts" in this program are incorrect anyway, like the person who took over from Rockwell, was NOT the guy it says it was in this. The guy here was outed as a Jew by the chicago news and was a pedophile.
The SRK (4 years ago)
God vomits the fascist out his mouth with your racist,intolerant hatred
The Iron Pill (4 years ago)
+adam smith they aren't "racist" by what you think.
The SRK (4 years ago)
Death to the fascist,death to the tyrants and god damn the american government devils for the sins and blood they spilt
Marty Mcgee (24 days ago)
The blood spilled by the American government is nothing compared to the blood spilled by the Socialists, communists, fascists and other rogue states. Please learn your history before making your self look silly online.
The Iron Pill (4 years ago)
+adam smith maybe you are confused, Nationalist socialism advocates against violence of any kind. oh and before the whole "holocaust" http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/wasthere.htm there ya go. DOWN WITH THE COMMUNISTS!
Zach Lewis (4 years ago)
This is just ignorant.
Nicholas Steiner (4 years ago)
Nothing but communist propaganda!
Thomas Reno (5 months ago)
+Gihren Zabi are you a Nazi?
Robert Polanco (1 year ago)
@Nicholas Steiner - YOU must be crazy! It is not "communist propaganda," you pathetic fool!
Cross Modulation (4 years ago)
+Max Cady Yes, so what?
Max Cady (4 years ago)
Says the guy with an Iron Cross
cabalofdemons (4 years ago)
I've followed the "movement" since 2001-2002. I saw this documentary in 2002 on the History Channel. Now, Butler and Pierce are dead and the WN movement is in a downward spiral. 
Jose Feliciano jr. (4 years ago)
+cabalofdemons It really is dangerous when it comes the other way around.Like the FEMA camps.Open your eyes !!!! History repeats itself.
cabalofdemons (4 years ago)
+michael dasilva But it is. It's still dangerous, but when you look at recent mishaps and scandals, it's in a downward spiral. 
Donald J Trump (4 years ago)
Not entirely true

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