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changeChange Your Mind
Comment by Paul Gase: Just a suggestion...when playing the G to G7 the G open (not barre), with your pinky on the high G note...but for G7 leave it up there and move your forefinger down to the low F note on your bass E string, kind of like a reverse sounds really cool.  No, this was one of those moments that a situation involving something deeply important, personal, and meaningful in my life wasn`t going at all the way my heart had hoped for-had prayed for-and I was feeling frustrated, sad, and even a little hopeless about it. You know what I`m talking about: one of those moments where you can`t change anything about the circumstances you find yourself in even though it`s something you desire to the very core of your being.I`m talking about M`s” that I am going to share with you that will make a huge difference in your business and your life.  Then suddenly I remembered something important: while perhaps I woke up like this” there was nothing actually making me stay like this, except me. While I couldn`t change the circumstances themselves I most definitely had the power to change my mindset and mood, and while I don`t have control over life`s situations I absolutely do have control over how I respond to them.For the month of January I`ll be re-publishing some of my most popular posts from 2015 to celebrate my 1-year blogaversary.  In this lucidly written, very readable and compact volume, science writer Sharon Begley explores the recent convergence of learning about the mind and the brain through two very different approaches: Western science, in particular neuroscience and medical studies of the brain; and Eastern (Buddhist) philosophy, including mental training via meditation.Change your mind, change your life is one of my favorite quotes but for me it is more than just some words written on paper or spoken in a motivational speech, it is a way of life. I now know that this had more to do with how I felt about myself than anything on the outside (for you it was weight - for me it was that my boobs weren`t big enough, I didn`t have long legs etc..) And you are so right, as soon as you allow yourself to stop apologizing for not being perfect, your entire experience tends to change with it - I know it did for me too:-) Great article!This weeks Sunday Siesta has been postponed as I have been working all weekend on this article.  It`s more than likely that these are just-so stories/ after the fact rationalizations economists tell themselves when their opinions change because they`re not the sort of people who enjoying saying things like It just started tasting rancid to me when I said the minimum wage was the root cause of all of our problems.” This goes along with the mental contortions some economists go through to prove to themselves they were`t wrong when they said inflation was about to explode.
Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue , communication and behavior change and that are designed to improve the mental health of a client or patient, or to improve group relationships (such as in a family ). Most forms of psychotherapy use only spoken conversation , though some also use various other forms of communication such as the written word, art , drama , narrative story, or therapeutic touch.Examples include control , planning and scheduling , the ability to answer diagnostic and consumer questions, handwriting , natural language , speech and facial recognition As such, the study of AI has also become an engineering discipline, focused on providing solutions to real life problems, knowledge mining , software applications, strategy games like computer chess and other video games One of the biggest limitations of AI is in the domain of actual machine comprehension.In an interview with Mind in Brighton and Hove, Dr Rebecca Jarvis encourages people to talk to their GP about mental health concerns and gives useful advice such as what people can do to help prepare for the appointment, what help a GP can give, what can be done in an emergency and information for people who are concerned about a friend or family member.Following highly regarded institutions such as UCLA, Harvard, Oxford, Monash and Melbourne Universities developing clinical studies into the positive impacts of Mindfulness Meditation proving that regular practice helps combat stress, improves focus and increases resilience, Smiling Mind has been created to take these positive effects to the masses.When I first noticed this paradox a few years ago, I had a hard time describing it. I used the clumsy term confirmation bias bias” to describe how learning about decision-making mistakes engenders a myopic view of the mind, as if our persistent tendency to search for confirming evidence inevitably causes us to only view the mind in those same terms.